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Crazy Label Wishes


The folks from Crazy Label send along their best wishes for a great holiday season.  This past year showed us a lot of excellent products from Crazy Label, so here's to an equally great 2008.

Two New Suckadelic Bootlegs

If you thought that Suckadelic was done with 2007 after they released their Sucklord Vinyl figure...not so fast.  They're back with two new Suckadelic bootlegs.


SUCKLORD 6: This is a new style of figure Suckadelic is working on - the SUCKPEG.  The new Sucklord 6, is a wee little cute remix of their first vile
offering...the Notorious SUCKLORD 66.  Everything from that nightmare
plastic glob is re-created here, from the bad xerox blister pack to the
uneven spraypaint.  Even the charming message hand written on the back of
the original is carefully re-created on this adorable little child-hazard.
The Figure is just over 2" high in a 5"x6" blistercard. Only $20.00 from Suckadelic.



Here is the new, very limited colorway of the old classic, suggested by
COAT of ARMS NYC. This shining Gold and fly Metallic Purple
hottie is limited to 22 pieces. Only 10 are currently available through Suckadelic, so act quick. Only $30.00.

The Zombies are BACK!


Riot68 sent us some photos of the custom figures he's been working on for a few weeks.  Apart from the protective topcoat, they're all done and will soon be for sale (except for the Mate which is off back to Das Mo). Also the two customs with the eyeballs glow in the dark. Scary Zombies....


REVIEW: Seamour Sheep Illuminative Edition



You might remember that Crazy Label released Dutch designer Metin Seven’s Seamour Sheep and Marty Mole rotocast vinyl figures earlier this year.  Well, the Seamour Sheep family has grown by one figure with the release of the Seamour Sheep Illuminative Edition vinyl.

That’s right!  This is no wimpy glow-in-the-dark.  You actually plug in the figure via a USB cable.  Then, you can count sheep as you fall asleep to the tender glow of the LED lit ovine.



The windowless box is somewhat similar in appearance to the original Seamour packaging.  The color scheme has changed to black, but there is still a ton of information, pictures and a comic on the bottom of the box.

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Crappycat From Jamungo


I like what I see from the first revealed image of VanBeater's CrappyCat vinyl.  The Jamungo produced piece is set to drop sometime in 2008...on one of the 366 days ('s a leap year).  I think a shirt and tie with a cardigan sweater is definitely the way to go when dressing up your feline.

Kid Kustom’s Custom Roddlers


Kid Kustoms, working in conjunction with Wheaty Wheat Studios, has hand picked some of the world’s best hot rod stripers, street artists, illustrators, air brushers, graphic designers and cartoonists to compete for a higher purpose.  The intention is to generate awareness and resources for a number of charitable foundations.

These artists will be tasked with customizing a set of fenders for use on the Kid Kustom's Roddler.  The customs will be placed into three different categories: pin striping, graphic design and artist's choice.

Check out some of the artists who are involved:

Casroc, Mathieu Missaiem, Roger Andrews, Nice Bunny, Alberto Cerriteno, Cat Oshiro, Squinky, Nathan Spoor, Corey Smith, Herb Martinez, Art Himsl, Dave Perewitz, Beej, Darryl Hollenbeck, Joe Iacono, Richard VanOver, MedFed

Now On YouTube!!!


You might have noticed that The Designer Toy Fix episodes are now posted in YouTube format.  That makes it a little less cumbersome to load up the front page.  You'll still be able to download the episodes for viewing on your iPod (via our .Mac Gallery)...but now you can watch them without all of the wait time.  I hope you enjoy...and please subscribe and add me as a friend!

Check it out at

Ishikawa: The Roller Warrior


The NVC Crew has sent us some photos of the prototype for their first toy.  Bao and Spive came up with the idea of Ishikawa: The Roller Warrior.  They've melded their love samurai films, music and art into a 6" tall figure.  So who's going to produce the figure?  Well, the NVC Crew will be doing this independently.  They're to be made of resin and will be hand-painted.  More info as to a release date in the future.