Defcon SUG Version 2

UNKL Brand has revealed 2 new colorways for their popular SUG line of vinyl figure. The Defcon Version 2 should be available this April 1st…and I”m not foolin’ you.

Toy Break Episode 20 : Hats Off To You!

The trio from Toy Break are back with their twentieth episode just in time for the holiday season. What’s it about? The Toy Break folks tell us: We take a look at Doktor A’s new Cloth Head Kaniza, Mouse Guard…

Old Skool Vinyl Sneak Peek

Erick Scarecrow sent along this sneak peek image of his Old Skool Kaiju vinyl figure. The ESC Toy produced toy will be released in the upcoming year…and we can’t wait to see more of the finished product.

Bomberman Custom Munny

Albert Art sent this photo of his latest custom Munny, and his last videogame-themed custom of 2007. Here’s how he describes the piece: It’s Bomberman. I’m a huge fan of the Bomberman series, excluding the horrendous Bomberman Zero. I did…

Monstrocity High Site Online

Neptoon Studios’ Monstrocity High vinyl toy site is now online. The first vinyl figure in their line – named Crush – is now available.

Crazy Label Wishes

The folks from Crazy Label send along their best wishes for a great holiday season. This past year showed us a lot of excellent products from Crazy Label, so here’s to an equally great 2008.

Two New Suckadelic Bootlegs

If you thought that Suckadelic was done with 2007 after they released their Sucklord Vinyl figure…not so fast. They’re back with two new Suckadelic bootlegs. SUCKLORD 6: This is a new style of figure Suckadelic is working on – the…

The Zombies are BACK!

Riot68 sent us some photos of the custom figures he’s been working on for a few weeks. Apart from the protective topcoat, they’re all done and will soon be for sale (except for the Mate which is off back to…