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Glenn Barr’s Janes Figures


We first saw these figures at San Diego Comic Con and were beyond impressed.  What is sure to be one of Dark Horse's most amazing figure lines, has now received a launch date - May 18, 2008Glenn Barr's Janes line will include 4 different muses in their spaceships. 

Tika: Muse of Destruction, pictured above, will be the first in the 6" tall line.  Each figure will be produced using rotocast vinyl, injection molding and "blow-molding".  We can't wait to see the final product!

Looking For Music

OK...this might be a rather random post...but we are looking for music that we can use for a semi-weekly bit that we're going to be doing on the site.  (I don't want to give too much away right now)  So we're asking any of you musicians to submit a song or direct us to where we can hear your music.  Send the info to  In exchange for about 30 seconds of your song, we can reward you with some toys and free publicity.  (due to the number of entries...we can't guarantee everyone toys....sorry)

Sucklord 600 Release Party

You'll definitely want to join the evil Sucklord and friends for what is sure be rockin' toy release party.  The folks from Suckadelic will be at Toy Tokyo on Friday December 7th to officially present the Sucklord 600 vinyl figure.  Show up between 7PM and 11PM and chug down some free beer, courtesy of Singha.

Toy Tokyo
117 Second Ave.
2nd Floor
NYC, NY 10003

REVIEW: Gus Fink’s Boogily Bunnies



Not to be confused with Boogily Heads, Gus Fink’s Boogily Bunnies are a plush based line of art toys.  Produced by Rocket USA, the initial series contains six different characters:  Octobunny, Flopps, Bunny Boyd, Charlie Black, Slurp and Derf.

Even though each figure is a plush, they are poseable (thanks to wires) and stand on their own (a flat base and bean bags).  On all of the plushies, it’s possible to bend and pose all of the arms and ears.



Like most plush lines, the Boogily Bunnies are not packaged.  Each does come tagged with a mystery mini comix/poster and a collectible art card.

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Mechanical Man from Matt Hawkins


Matt Hawkins latest project is entitled Mechanical Man.  The limited edition figure/print was printed on a letterpress (in two colors) on metallic silver paper.  Out of a run of 250 prints, the first 50 have been hand-cut and assembled by Matt.  The other 200 can be purchased as flat 10”x13” prints, which you can put together or leave as is.

Once assembled, Mechanical Man measures about 5” in height.  It was printed by Skylab Letterpress and is definitely superior quality to anything you could produce using your home printer.  The pre-built figures will run $30 each, while the flat prints will cost $20.


TOYPUNKS Screening & DVD Release Party

Atomic Books presents...
TOYPUNKS Screening & DVD Release Party

Get out to Atomic POP on Friday, December 7th, starting at 7PM, for a screening of the TOYPUNKS documentary.

TOYPUNKS is a documentary that offers a rare first-hand glimpse of the converging worlds of Japanese street, punk and toy culture through in-depth interviews and on-location shooting in Japan and the US.  The movie will be presented by the filmmakers - Justin Kovalsky and Chris Nelson.

Atomic POP
3620 Falls Rd.
Baltimore, MD

13 Zombified Santas


If you weren't in the Christmas spirit yet...this'll get you there!  October Toys' “13 Days of Christmas” Z.O.M.B.I.E. will drop at tomorrow's VTN Winter
.  The jolly old fat man has gone on a bloody rampage!  Each hand
cast, hand painted, resin zombie stands 2.5” high with his snowman base.
This is a very limited edition of 13 pieces and at only $20 each they won’t
last long.

Also, the folks from October Toys will be attempting two live Toy Break broadcasts from the VTN show (provided the internet connection and equipment all
cooperates).  They’ll be going live at 9:45AM and 3PM PST and you can tune in at


Packaging for The Saddest Devil


We have a sneak peek at what the packaging for The Saddest Devil will look like.  Looks like three or four different colors, a window front and plenty of reading.  What do you think?