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LaDainian Tomlinson All-Star Vinyl


Upper Deck will release an All-Star Vinyl action figure of the San Diego Chargers’ LaDainian Tomlinson to Platinum Club members on Friday, November 23 (9:25 AM PST) and to the general public on Monday, November 26 (9:25 AM PST).

Tomlinson’s vinyl figures will be available to collectors and fans alike in a white and blue trimmed home uniform version (numbered to 500), the fan favorite powder blue version (numbered to 1,000), an alternate dark blue road uniform version (numbered to 500) and of course, a coveted black edition (numbered to 250) featuring gold team graphics on an all black figure.

This is definitely my favorite in the NFL ASV line.




One of my favorite bands - Super Furry Animals - once sang the following in their song Chupacabras:

Have you heard about the bat,
Eats your goat and then your cat.
Soon enough you will not smile,
If you see it you'll run a mile.

Well, David and Sun-Min took the mythical(?) Chupacabra figure and put their spin on it for Wonderwall's Kaiju For Grown Ups line.  This Chupacabra figure is the Puerto Rico Type.  Eyewitnesses in Puerto Rico began reporting sightings of the goat-sucker back in 1990.  You can see it shortly, since it'll be released in December.

Shaq All-Star Vinyl


Upper Deck will be releasing their Shaquille O'Neal All-Star Vinyl figure for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday.  The Platinum Club will get first dibs as the figure goes on sale Black Friday (November 23rd) at 9:30AM PST.  The figures (above plus an all black version) go on sale to the general public on Cyber Monday (November 26th) at  the same time.  The nice thing is that this figure is in scale to some of the others and will stand over an inch taller than the D-Wade ASV.

Nakanari’s Custom 20″ Dunny


Tony Shiau (aka Nakanari) was invited by Kidrobot to customize a 20" Dunny for the display at the new Miami South Beach store.   If you want to check it out in person, the custom will by on display beginning November 29th.


Toy Break Episode 16 : One Year!


Happy Birthday to the folks at Toy Break.  No...they weren't all born on the same day, but Toy Break has been on the for one full year.

So, what do they have on tap for you?  The shorter, weekly format and the following:

Holy crap it's been one year already! Join us as we take a look at art
trucks from Grind King, Hell's Proprietor from Glenn Barr and Dark
Horse, Panzy the Pirate, a new Dunny shelf, and so much more! Thank you
for a fantastic first year and we're excited to bring you even more Toy
Break in year two!

Pink Elephant and Drunky McSkunky Release


This is definitely one of the cooler toy release of 2007.  Amanda Vissel's Pink Elephant featuring Drunky McSkunky will be released on December 13th at Munky King Melrose (along with a solo show of her work).  Visell's first vinyl toy is actually being produced by Munky King. So get out there from 7PM through 11PM and pick one of these bad boys up!

Munky King
7308 Melrose Ave.
Los Angleles, CA 90046


Get Ready, Get Set…for Uglycon


If you're in San Fransisco and will be able to make it out to Uglycon on December 8th...well...I'm jealous.  The opening events will begin at 6PM (until 10PM)with a costume contest.  Of course, you need to dress up as an Uglydoll...not as the construction worker from The Village People.
And according to David Horvath, there might just be a web cam set up for all of us out of towners.

618 Shrader St
San Francisco, CA 94117

P&P Banner by Nada”One


Check out this very cool Plastic and Plush banner that Nada"One produced and sent to us.  The characters are great...I just wanna know when they'll be turned into vinyl toys.

Seamour Sheep Illuminative Edition Now Available

Seamour2's not ACTUALLY available, but it's available for pre-order at the Crazy Label webstore.  I think this is one of the more entertaining vinyl releases of the year.  I liked the original Seamour Sheep, so how could I not like the Illuminative Edition?  You can just plug it into your computer via a USB connection (in his butt) and "voila!" it's all lit up.  Thanks to Metin for the keeping us informed.

CONTEST: Win a Harriet Carney!


We wanted to give you something special for the holiday season.  And is there anything more special than a bearded woman?  I’ll go ahead and answer that one a no.

So we are teaming up with Carnival Cartoons to give away one Harriet Carney vinyl figure.  You might have seen her reviewed on the site last week.  If you read the review, you’re in luck.

We’d like you to tell us who designed the Harriet packaging.  Send the answer to

The contest will run through December 3rd.  So, send in your answer before 11:39PM EST on that date.  The contest is only open to residents of the contiguous United States.  Please include your mailing address in your email.  The winner will be randomly chosen.  Best of luck!