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OhNo!Doom’s FluffyYukYuk Is Almost Here


OhNo!Doom, the label who brought you our 2006 Plush Toy of the YearFluffyBadBad, has introduced you the newest, cutest and most deadly plush toy in the world…FluffyYukYuk.

FluffyYukYuk is set to drop on December 15th, 2007.  The new chompin' plush toy shares many of the same features as it's dear friend FluffyBadBad - like real chomping action. 

However, there have been updates to this new toy including: brand new heavy pvc chompin' teeth design, larger finger holes with grips, bigger overall toy size, a cute yuki pink sucker butt and more.

Forever and Always…Jeremyville at Artoyz Paris


Acid-Pop artist and toy designer Jeremyville is having his first show in Paris on November 29th, 2007 at Artoyz.

The solo show, entitled Forever & Always, features all his new screenprints, painted skate decks, his new shoe with Converse, sketchels, posters, a plush toy collab with Cupco, a snowboard with Rossignol, giclee prints of his comics, a book with Concrete Hermit UK, Jeremyville t-shirts, a toy with MTV Italy, and more surprises!

If you can’t make it out for the opening, the show runs until January 12th, 2008.

Ron Go Bongo from Toy2R


TOY2R has teamed up with Curtis Jobling to produce this fun 6" vinyl figure - Ron Go Bongo!!  Jobling’s earlier creations include Bob the Builder and Frankenstein's Cat.  Ron Go Bongo is limited to a run of 300 pieces.

Sancho Release from Angels and Gringos


The folks from Angels and Gringos are excited to announce that Sancho is finally on its way.  On November 29th from 6PM through 9PM, they will be hosting a release party at Toy Tokyo in NYC.  There will be 25 of the limited edition Marigold colorway on hand.

And on December 1st from 6PM through 10PM, they will have a west coast release at Subtext in San Diego, where the other 25 Marigold figures will be on sale.  The somewhat less limited Turquoise colorway will be available at both.


Sancho is a day of the dead inspired re-interpretation of the literary sidekick Sancho Panza.  He has 3 points of articulation and comes in a set with his trusty steed (or, um, ostrich rather) and "toro" a mechanical bull which allows you to display Sancho and the ostrich separately.  Also included in the set are a removable hat, sarape, and mandolin.  The Marigold colorway, limited to 50 pieces, retails for $125, and the Turquoise colorway, limited to 250 pieces, retails for $99.

I Heart Guts!


These plushies are amusing, if not cute.  Each of the four different organs has their very own nickname - and role to keep you living.  I Got The Beat! (heart), Urine Love (kidneys), I'm a Liver Not a Fighter (liver) and I Lung You! (lungs) make up the I Heart Guts! lineup.  They sorta remind me of Giant Microbes...combining science and plush.  Wholesale inquiries should contact DKE Toys.

Plasticland by Frank Kozik


Kozik fans rejoice!  Dark Horse is teaming up with everyone’s favorite Smorkin’ artist to release 112 pages of full color reading (it’s actually more viewing than reading) in the Plasticland book.  The 9” wide by 13” tall hardcover bookoffers a fascinating look at the creation and end result of modern toy design. A dazzling photographic record of all Kozik's production and custom pieces through early 2006, the book also features his new works in serigraphy and oil painting.”  (However, I didn’t see Kozik’s Superstars and Los Locos figures…probably for good reason.)

This book is a must-have for Frank Kozik fans and is definitely recommended for any designer toy collectors.  The photos are amazing and it’s actually written by Kozik. has Plasticland available for pre-order (currently $19.77), since it’s not released until December 19th.


Hot Toys’ PMC Operator


With all of the controversy surrounding Blackwater, who wouldn't want to pick up a Private Military Contractor 1/6 scale figure?  Hot Toys has released info on their limited edition (1,000 total pieces) 12" tall PMC Operator figure.  As with most Hot Toys' products...there are way too many accessories to list.  I'd probably aggravate the old carpel tunnel syndrome.

REVIEW: Poison Ivy Tonner Character Figure



Pamela Lillian Isley – aka Poison Ivy - is a DC Comics villainess who is normally seen facing off with Batman.  The character first appeared in Batman #181 (June 1966) and her special abilities include creating love potions, utilizing plant toxins and the ability to control plantlife.

You might have seen the character (played by Uma Thurman) if you were one of the fifty people who actually saw the Batman & Robin film back in the late 90’s.  Luckily, when Tonner Doll Company decided to produce Poison Ivy as a new DC Star Tonner Character Figure, they decided to base the figure solely on the comic book.



Poison Ivy is packaged in the standard DC Stars rectangular box.  As always, the TCF figure is secured in the box using ribbons and protected with plastic and a rather fashionable hairnet.

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CompatiBalls by Shultzo


CompatiBalls are the first art toy designed and produced by award winning Israeli artist Shultzo.  The CompatiBall prototypes of FroggyBall and TigerBall first made their debut at the New York Toy Fair in early 2007, and were then unveiled to the public at the New York Comic.   Shultzo is now proud to release a limited edition of 250 pieces (per style) this December through ToyTokyo Distribution.


The design consists of two identical characters, approximately 5” tall, that can be interlocked into a single ball shaped figure, hence the name CompatiBalls. The concept behind the design is one that adds playability and interaction to the piece, allowing for the CompatiBalls to be displayed either as two separate figures or combined as one. CompatiBalls were produced and designed by Shultzo using cutting edge 3-D technology, necessary for the two identical pieces to be combined seamlessly as one. The original digital model was then 3-D printed using Stereolithography into a physical plastic prototype. These limited edition production pieces are made from a high quality poly-resin, and packaged securely in a Styrofoam reinforced box.  They should retail around $75 each.


REVIEW: Glenn Barr’s Hell’s Proprietor



Dark Horse Deluxe recently released a rotocast vinyl version of Glenn Barr’s Hell’s Proprietor figure.  While there was a wooden figure previously released (although not from Dark Horse), this rotocast version better reflects Barr’s character artwork.


So, what’s the story behind the character?  This swarthy bug is top management and host to the urban netherworld called Eternah.  The overseer to the Land of the Dead.  He is quite the pleasant fellow and is fond of the carnivalesque.  His main concern is see to it that everybody is comfortable and that all cares are met in this apocalyptic landscape of ruin and amusement.



The oversized window box has the artist’s rendition of the Hell’s Proprietor character.  The large figure is held into the plastic tray using two twist ties.  The actual packaging is somewhat lacking in reading material and large, so I’d suggest displaying out of the box.

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