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REVIEW: The Spök-spök Family

Background Spök-spök and Spökelina are from Öreboro, where they lived in a castle…until it was turned into a factory. With the factory producing road cones, the Spök-spöks were set free. But something went wrong at the factory, and the first...

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Grass Hut All Stars at DvA

The Grass Hut All Stars group show is taking place Saturday, December 1st (from 7PM through 11PM) at DvA Gallery in Chicago. Le Merde and Bwana Spoons will be in attendance. Le Merde will have 15 one of a kind...

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Polystone Kabakuro by Ryo Honda

Japanese illustrator, Ryo Honda launched his first figurine at the Tokyomade Design Festa booth. A symbol of the father and son bond, this Japanese designed toy is a model of Kabakuro and his little son Shiro - the same characters...

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October Toys

Toy Break Episode 17: Gift Guide ’07

It's almost the holidays, and that means that George is growing the winter beard. Oh...and the folks from Toy Break are about ready to delight you with their Gift Guide for 2007. So what do the folks from the show...

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The Winter Munny Show

If you’re in the metropolitan Detroit area on Saturday December 1st, LiFT will be launching their Winter Munny Show. It will feature over 30 local, national and international artists. The opening reception will be held at Lift from 7PM through...

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Rocket World

BiBi & Latura – Strangekiss Exclusives

BiBi the Baby Panda and Latura the Baby Sumatran Rhino are part of Rocket World's brand new Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo Baby Cubs line. Both of the figures are Strangekiss exclusives. You can pick up each individually ($24.95 ea.) or save...

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Uglydolls To Visit The Today Show

If you're home tomorrow morning, you'll be able to catch the Uglydolls on NBC's Today Show. Tune in between 8:30AM and 9:30AM on November 30th to see the annual Uglydoll gift to the Today Show Toy Drive. As always, the...

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Star Wars mimobots Series 2

The first and finest designer USB flash drive company - mimoco - is back with Series 2 of their Star Wars mimobot line. The second series includes four new characters: Luke Skywalker (in X-Wing gear), Princess Leia, Han Solo and...

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Kabakuro First Story by Ryo Honda

Ryo Honda's first picture book - Kabakuro First Story – is a hand-illustrated publication drawn mostly in black and white. The book is an introduction to the Kabakuro characters and coincides with the release of Ryo Honda's first figurine -...

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Twitch, The Roadkill Teddy first, I thought that this was a little puppy who had been run over. I was a tad disturbed. But Twitch is actually a teddy bear who is the victim of an overzealous driver. Twitch was run over by...

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