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REVIEW: The Spök-spök Family



Spök-spök and Spökelina are from Öreboro, where they lived in a castle…until it was turned into a factory.  With the factory producing road cones, the Spök-spöks were set free.  But something went wrong at the factory, and the first traffic cone came out blue instead of orange.  His name is Baron Von Kon and lives with Herr Leverfläck (a mole who once lived on the nose of a notorious pirate), Toofhairy (an au-pair tooth from Scotland) and the Spök-spöks in a forest.

Daniel Svanberg, you can call him Spök-spök, is the artist responsible for the line of plushies.  He’s originally from Sweden, hence the ö, but is living in Boston.  So far, four of the characters have been released in plush form: Spök-spök, Spökelina, Toofhairy and Baron Von Kon.



Each plush is hidden inside of a drawstring bag.  While Spök-spök and Spökelina are packaged in felt bags, Toofhairy and Baron Von Kon are contained within cotton bags.  All of the bags have artwork pertaining to the line as well as a tag with info (although it’s written in Swedish).

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Grass Hut All Stars at DvA


The Grass Hut All Stars group show is taking place Saturday, December 1st (from 7PM through 11PM) at DvA Gallery in Chicago.  Le Merde and Bwana Spoons will be in attendance.


Le Merde will have 15 one of a kind custom painted figures that will range from $100 to $150.  There will also be three new paintings; sneak peeks below.


DvA Gallery
2569 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 871-4382

Polystone Kabakuro by Ryo Honda


Japanese illustrator, Ryo Honda launched his first figurine at the Tokyomade Design Festa booth.  A symbol of the father and son bond, this Japanese designed toy is a model of Kabakuro and his little son Shiro - the same characters that are featured in Ryo Honda's first picture book, Kabakuro First Story.

Made from black and white polystone material, the bottom of the figurine is signed in white by the artist and runs $30.


Toy Break Episode 17: Gift Guide ’07


It's almost the holidays, and that means that George is growing the winter beard.  Oh...and the folks from Toy Break are about ready to delight you with their Gift Guide for 2007.  So what do the folks from the show have to say about Episode 17?

The holidays are almost upon us and you know what that
guide time! We bring you some of our top gift ideas ranging from vinyl
and plush to action figures and meat! So come enjoy a gift filled Toy
Break with us!

The Winter Munny Show


If you’re in the metropolitan Detroit area on Saturday December 1st, LiFT will be launching their Winter Munny Show.  It will feature over 30 local, national and international artists.  The opening reception will be held at Lift from 7PM through 11PM.  If you can’t make it out for opening night, the show will continue through January 6, 2008.  Admission to the show is free and all ages are welcome. 

Artists include:

Apina, Bob Horner, Brent Nolasco, Bucky Lastard, Coreroc, Doktor A, Drilone, D-LuX, Josh (f+) Pearce, kaNO, KILL!, Leecifer, Motorbot, Monster Decay, Mr.Atom, Mr. Shane Jessup, Project Detonate, Southerndrawl, Squidnik, Voidx and many more local artists...

202 W. 11 Mile Road
Royal Oak, MI 48067


BiBi & Latura – Strangekiss Exclusives


BiBi the Baby Panda and Latura the Baby Sumatran Rhino are part of Rocket World's brand new Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo Baby Cubs line.  Both of the figures are Strangekiss exclusives.  You can pick up each individually ($24.95 ea.) or save a little money with the IWG Cub Pack ($48.95 for both).

Uglydolls To Visit The Today Show


If you're home tomorrow morning, you'll be able to catch the Uglydolls on NBC's Today Show.  Tune in between 8:30AM and 9:30AM on November 30th to see the annual Uglydoll gift to the Today Show Toy Drive.  As always, the Uglys are going to make some kids' holiday brighter.

Star Wars mimobots Series 2


The first and finest designer USB flash drive company - mimoco - is back with Series 2 of their Star Wars mimobot line.  The second series includes four new characters: Luke Skywalker (in X-Wing gear), Princess Leia, Han Solo and Boba Fett (my personal fav).


The four new Star Wars mimobot designs take advantage of mimoco’s continuing revolution in cap styles.  Han has his signature mop-top, Leia has her famous buns, and both Luke and Fett have helmets which can be removed to reveal their faces below.


As always, the mimobots will come preloaded with exclusive digital content, ranging from wallpapers and screensavers to icons and avatars, and the mimobot soundByte™ application that plays actual sounds from the Star Wars saga when the Star Wars mimobot is inserted or ejected from the PC.


Look for the new series to be released in January/February of 2008.  While Luke, Leia and Boba Fett are limited to a run of 3,500 pieces, Han Solo is somewhat more limited at 2,500 mimobots.

Kabakuro First Story by Ryo Honda


Ryo Honda's first picture book - Kabakuro First Story – is a hand-illustrated publication drawn mostly in black and white.  The book is an introduction to the Kabakuro characters and coincides with the release of Ryo Honda's first figurine - Kabakuro.  Recommended for both adults and children this picture book without words depicts a tale of mystery, intrigue and togetherness.  Thanks to Tokyomade for submitting this information.


Twitch, The Roadkill Teddy

Top first, I thought that this was a little puppy who had been run over.  I was a tad disturbed.  But Twitch is actually a teddy bear who is the victim of an overzealous driver. 

Twitch was run over by a milk float last thursday, near the Hangar Lane Giratory System. He was then peeled off the road and put into a hermetically sealed body bag, to stop the maggots getting in. He also comes with a toe tag, giving you particulars of his demise. His next of kin, Grind the Rabbit, has signed the release form for Twitch to start being sold.

Roadkill Toys is responsible for the creation of Twitch, The Roadkill Teddy.  Keep your eyes open for a viral film to be released later in the year.