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Straight From Boogilyworld


Direct from “Boogilyworld” comes a distinct line of toys called Boogily Heads.  Produced by Rocket USA, these contagious little creatures feature bobble head action and a randomly inserted collectible mini comix and poster.  Each one-of-a-kind character has a name and story and is derived from sculptures that were created and hand made by artist Gus Fink, including original artist imperfections.  The first 3 series (including 18 characters) are currently available.


The company has also created two lines of poseable, huggable plush figures.  The Boogily Bunnies (above) and Stitch Kittens (below) lines each include 6 characters as well as some rare variations.  The Boogily Bunnies measure approximately 12" in height, while the Stitch Kittens are about 7" tall.


Happy Halloween!


Here's to hoping everyone has a great Halloween.  Dress up as your favorite member of The Village People (I suggest the often overlooked Construction Worker) and collect a boatload of sugar laced candy.  Metin Seven sent in the above illustration.  Here's definitely in the trick-or-treatin' mood...are you?

The 2008 Coney Island USA Art Auction


Carnival Cartoons will be participating in The Coney Island USA Art Auction this Thursday, November 1st.  They will be auctioning off a couple of their toys to help out a great cause.  All proceeds will go towards the Coney Island USA phase 1 building renovation.  Coney Island is a great inspiration to the guys from Carnival Cartoons and they are very excited to be a part of this event.  The event runs from 6PM through 9PM, with bidding closing at 8:30.  Bidding tickets are $20 or free to participating artists and Coney Island USA "Big Spender" members.  More information on Coney Island's non profit art's center is available at

Max Fish
178 Ludlow St

Spit & Polish at Cardboard Spaceship


Doktor A's Solo Show "Spit & Polish" opens this Halloween and goes through November. 
The show will feature 15 jaw-dropping custom
pieces and 3 original ink drawings.  To kick off the show, Doktor A and
Cardboard Spaceship will be releasing 50 sets of 5 letterpressed
prints. ($20 per print or $90 for the set). So, if you're in the Bay
Area, come to Santa Cruz and see the show in person.

Cardboard Spaceship
Art & Toys Gallery
803 Pacific Ave.
Santa Cruz CA 95060

phone (831) 227-9270


Monster Factory’s Forgotten Lore


The latest plush series from Monster Factory's – entitled Forgotten Lore – has been released.  The Toronto based studio has added eight new characters to their plush line that now includes 64 different designs.  As always, these monsters are made in their studio and are available through their website and in a handful of Canadian stores.

The new additions are named Bradley ($40 CAD), El Nino ($25), Gordon ($35), La Nina ($25), Queenie ($35), Royal ($30), Sally ($35) and Wilma ($40).  Pictured in the above listed order.


Stuff This! Plush Group Show


Stuff This! is a group plush show featuring over 20 local, national, and international artists.  If you’re in the Columbus, Ohio area on Saturday November 3rd, you’ll want to get down to Rivet Gallery for the opening of the show.  Events commence at 6PM and last until 10PM.  The show runs through November 28th.

Participating artists include:

Amanda Spayd, Anna Chambers, Bastet2329, Bytedust, Cuddly Rigor Mortis, Curioddities, Curster, Daniel Elson, Jenny Harada, Jill Penney, John Straub, Joshua Sutton, Marion Hawkes, Moogan Creations, Mr. Pickles, My Paper Crane, October Effigies, Patches, Serena Kuhl, Sharon H. Bell, and Trevor Zammit

Designer Toy & Art Gallery
1200 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43201

shELF from ReBo Labs


You might have seen their animations, but ReBo Labs have now created a helpful item to display your 3" tall vinyl toy collection...shELF!

In a Pearl White base color, the shELF features 17 display pockets formed into a giant 17"x 26" figure. Each shELF has been hand painted with Montana Gold Series paints.  There are currently 4 distinct color ways, with each having an edition of 25.

Reggie Bush All-Star Vinyl


Upper Deck is set to release the newest addition to the All-Star Vinyl family.  Fans of the New Orleans Saints will be excited to see running back and kick return specialist Reggie Bush released this week.  Bush’s vinyl figures will be available to collectors and fans alike in a black on black edition uniform (numbered to 1,000), a black on gold version (numbered to 500), a white on gold version (numbered to 500) and a black edition (numbered to 250).

The figure will run for $74.99, with the exception of the Black Edition, which is $99.99.  The figures will go live on October 30 at 9:25AM PDT for members of the All-Star Vinyl Platinum club and will be available to the public at 9:25AM PDT on October 31.

REVIEW: Milk and Cheese


Background sent us two of the baddest dairy products around.  The Milk and Cheese rotocast vinyl figures are based on the comic book series of the same name.  Artist Evan Dorkin teamed up with Monkey Fun Toys to bring the carton of milk and wedge of cheese to fans and collectors of all ages.

Designed by Evan Dorkin and Sarah Dyer, and sculpted by Mitch Martinez, Milk and Cheese are ready, willing and more than able to kick the living crap out of your pathetic junky little action figures and highfalutin' designer "urban vinyls".



The Milk and Cheese figures are packaged in an oversized cardboard box.  The box is full of drawings of the enclosed characters.  But the best aspect of the packaging is the full-length comic strip that is printed on the rear of the box.

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Gary Taxali Toy Signing


Gary Taxali will be signing his new Qee as well as a brand-new print on Sunday, Nov 11th at DvA Gallery in Chicago, IL from 2PM through 5PM.   The limited
edition silk screen print, entitled "Chi-town", will only be available
exclusively through DvA gallery.

DvA Gallery
2568 N. Lincoln Ave.
Chicago, IL 60614