Crazy Label

Uncle Abdul from Metin Seven

You see more and more politically motivated designer figures hitting the market. Metin Seven has created a prototype of his Uncle Abdul figure from his Seamour Sheep comic strip. When this figure will be released, we don't know...but we'll keep...

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Bossy Bear Signing

David Horvath will be at the sixth annual West Hollywood Book Fair signing copies of his Bossy Bear book. Check out the Giant Robot booth (#26E) from 1PM until 3PM. Sunday, September 30, 2007 10AM to 6PM West Hollywood Park...

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Tonner Doll Co., Toy Reviews

REVIEW: Gwen Stacy Tonner Character Figure

Background Some fans of the Spider-Man comic series had issues with the way Sam Raimi’s films have differed from the original comics. Gwen Stacy was Peter Parker’s first love in the comic, however, she’s not introduced until Spider-Man 3. Mary...

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Misk Monster from Miskellaneous

Sarah Miskelly aka Miskellaneous has introduced another of her handmade custom plushies. Misk Monster is now for sale for £35 (which includes postage in the UK). If you live elsewhere, it'll run you £40. Check out that grill.

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Atta and Annie Customs

Attaboy and Annie Owens have sent their custom pieces for the upcoming Keep-A-Breast Breast Defense Show. It'll be taking place on October 5th from 5PM to 9PM at the Cases Monica Hotel in St. Augustine, Florida. The show benefits the...

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Max Toy Co

Nuevarts Exclusive XAM

Nuevarts is teaming up with Max Toy Company to release an exclusive colorway of Mark Nagata's Alien XAM figure. The hand painted black, gold and blue colorway will be dropping on October 4th only through the Nuevarts website. It's a...

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STRANGEco Presents Bob Dob’s Luey

STRANGEco has announced the impending release of Luey from the SoCal based artist Bob Dob. The 5" tall vinyl figures might look a little familiar. You might have seen them in Bob Dob's paintings...or maybe you saw the SDCC exclusive...

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Crazy Label

Seamour Sheep Devil Edition

Now, I've heard of a she-devil...but never a Sheep Devil. Crazy Label and Metin Seven are teaming up to create another version of the popular Seamour Sheep character. We should know more information about the Seamour Sheep Devil Edition shortly,...

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October Toys, Shows

MegaGwin Custom Show

Thirteen inches of penguin goodness. Wasn't that the plot of Bob Saget's Farce of the Penguins? It's actually the MegaGwin Custom Show from October Toys and will take place this October (fitting). The opening reception will take place on October...

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Rebo Labs at the Dunny Factory

The folks behind ReBo Labs are probably not the only ones excited about the upcoming release of Kidrobot's Dunny Series 4. They've put together this animation that reminds us of the Rankin/Bass Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer stop-motion film. They're showing...

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