Vinyl Toy Network


The second Vinyl Toy Network (VTN) show will be held at the
Pasadena Convention Center on this Sunday...May 6th, 2007.  Doors are set to open
at 10AM.  And similar to the first VTN show in December 2006, the first
100 attendees will receive a free, re-usable tote bag loaded with all
sorts of free goodies. 

The following vendors will be attending with special wares for sale:

* 3DRetro

* DKE Toys

* Happy Pencil: Cam de Leon

* Super 7
* PopCling

* October Toys
* Alpha Cult

* Mechanized Records
* House of Animation

* Christopher Lee
* Super Rad Toys

* Mixi Bang!

* Munky King

* Japan L.A.

* Cardboard Spaceship

* Artifact Unmundane

* Tradition

* Rooted Movement

* Strangeco

* Robocon

* Brian Castleforte

* Fiberops Clothing

* Wheaty Wheat Studios

There will also be special appearances from other local artists for
attendees to meet and greet as well as hope to have them doodle a
special sketch just for you!

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