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The Great Toy Giveaway: Part II

REVIEW: IWG – Makutu and Oishi



Rocket World has released the two newest characters from Series 4 of their insanely popular I.nsurgents W.ilderness G.ruppo (IWG) line.  Patrick Ma has added Makutu the Yellow Eyed Penguin and Oishi the Japanese Snow Monkey to the army of animal environmentalists.

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Because her mobility is best in the water, Makutu provides expert offensive and defensive seaborne combat support to her IWG comrades who are committed to the land and shore aspect of combat operations.  Makutu is deadly with her torpedoes, which she launches off her back.  Able to swiftly and covertly maneuver in and out of the shipping lanes, her combat support role is to target enemy boats and prevent them from landing human support troops and supplies from engaging her land combat comrades.


With excellent dexterity Oishi has mastered the use of the traditional Japanese sword.  Studying both Samurai and Ninja techniques alike, Oishi is a fearsome opponent on the battlefield displaying great skill, speed, and stealth.  Naturally an expert in CQB he will also use his excellent hand to eye coordination to bean humans in the head with rock filled snowballs before finishing them off with his sword.



The new, window front box design for these slightly smaller figures incorporates drawings of the four characters from Series 4, the Rocket World logo, the Terminator skull logo, as well as reading that’s beneficial for new collectors of the line

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