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Firefly Treeson: Blue and Orange


Crazy Label has produced a few variant Firefly Treeson figures.  The blue and orange versions are definitely eye-catching...and one of these might just end up being made a SDCC exclusive.  Keep your eyes and ears open.

REVIEW: Winda the Wildabeest Zoobie



Zoobie Pets are a new 3-in-1 plush toy for children of all ages.  The company was started by two brothers, who were looking to create an innovative plush for children.  Each pet is not only a plush toy, but also a pillow as well as a soft, comfortable blanket.

The first series on Zoobie Pets is the Safari Collection.  There are currently 12 different characters…from hippos to lions to monkeys.  For this review, we got our hands on Winda the Wildebeest.



Since it’s a plush line, there is no packaging to review.  Each Zoobie has a tag that is attached to the animals’ collar.  The tag shows all three forms the plush can take, and has helpful instructions that show you how to fold your Zoobie Pet’s blanket.

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G-Robot from adFunture


According to DKE Toys, adFunture's G-Robot figure is set to be delivered to the wholesaler this month.   The Original colorway, limited to 400 pieces, and the Desert Camo (or as the ad says...Desset Camo) will be limited to a run of 300.


REVIEW: Cucumouse and Anarchy Dog Qees



Toy2R has produced what is probably the most well-known designer platform toy of all time.  The Qee has been home to designs from all of the top artists out there.  The company has expanded the sizes that the figures are available in, however, the standard sizes are still the 8” vinyl and 2.5” plastic versions.


For purposes of our review, we are looking at two of the newer Qee sets – Kei Sawada's Cucumouse Mono Version and Frank Kozik’s Anarchy Dog.



Each set is packaged in a window-front box.  The 8” Qee is viewable through the main window, with a smaller window that features the mini Qee.  Each of the boxes is designed by the artist, and are loaded with their recognizable artwork.


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It’s 4/20…Win Mary Jane


Oh boy! I've been to give this away.  It's everyone's favorite combination of peanut butter and molasses - Mary Jane.  The candy!!  Dark Horse produced a vinyl figure of the Mary Jane character and we're giving her away - in honor of 4/20.

Just post a comment in the comment section accompanying this post (and include your real email address).  You have until April 27thOnly US residents will be allowed to participate.  The winner will be chosen randomly.


Joe Ledbetter’s 8″ Toxic Swamp Cat Qee


A Forbidden Planet International Exclusive!

This 8" Toxic Swamp Cat in purple is the latest creation to crawl from
the toxic swamp... err... mind of creator Joe Ledbetter. Who knows why he wears
the patch. Was it the result of a run in with the toxic swamp? ... or is he a
pirate? ... (it's all the rage this year), only the creator himself knows the
answer... and he's not telling! Limited run of only 300 pieces
  The Qee will run £34.99 with a release date of Monday 30 July, 2007.

‘Chilly Blue’ Lucy Owl


A little while back, we showed you Anna Chambers' Lucy Owl designer plush.  The version we showed you was Lucy Owl in Burgundy.  This one, however, is the Chilly Blue version.  It's limited to only 100 pieces and they measure approximately 10" tall by 8" wide.  The line is being distributed by DKE Toys.  Look for them to retail in the area of $30.


Petite Blythe – Lavender Love


Lavender Love is a Petite Blythe wearing an apron just like the very
popular Alice series Marmalade  Heart and Cherry Ash. Her straight
hair, eyes, and eyelids are all lavender color just like her name.

The set includes:

Doll (Tip Toe), apron, one-piece dress, hair accessory, bloomers, shoes, stand

The figure will only be available at the following:

April 22, 2007 (10AM) Kiddy Land Harajuku (100 dolls)
April 22, 2007 (12 Noon) CWC Shop "Junie Moon" (100 dolls)


New at Panik’s Toy Box

Saturday Mornings at Rocket World Gallery


If you're in the San Francisco area this Friday Apr 20th...get to the Rocket World Gallery for the Saturday Mornings show.  Now...the opening isn't actually on Saturday morning.  It's from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM on Friday night.   All four artists will be in attendance.

Rocket World Gallery
660  22nd St.
San Francisco, CA 94107