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Attaboy’s – The Molesine


If you're a fan of Attaboy's work, his newest print is called "The Molesine".  The Limited Edition Giclee Print on Archival Water Color Paper is limited to an edition of
.  It's signed and numbered by Attaboy and measures approximately 17"x24".  Pick one up here.

David Horvath’s Bossy Bear Book


David Horvath's Bossy Bear book (from Hyperion for Children) is now available through  The 32 page book will surely entertain young and old alike.  Let's try to get it into the top 10 on Amazon's top seller list.

IWG Baby Cub Series


Patrick from Rocket World has dropped some very special news, and photos, on our Plastic and Plush Message Board.  The IWG Baby Cub Series is described below:

Both Bear and Rhino cubs will be about 3.5" tall.  They will have sharp
sticks as their accessories; sharp sticks being the universal &
plaything of any youngster, handy for roasting marshmallows or poking
into human eyeballs (both included with vinyl figure).

The Baby Cub Series will be perfect companions to full size IWG vinyls,
especially on the back seat on the Vespa Scooters from Combat Mod
currently in
There will be 4 regular colorways, 2 special edition colorways, and a target price point of only $20 bucks or so.

We're only going to show you one photo here...but there's another photo in the follow the link.

Jamungo…New Site and New Sqube


The guys from Jamungo have updated their site with a new, blog-like format.  It'll be easier for them to update, and it won't freak my dogs out with that sound it made every time the page would load.

Also, they have posted a shop exclusive Green Sqube.  The Sqube, designed by Ferg, is limited to only 50 pieces and sells for $60 plus $5 shipping.  It should go quickly.

Kobe Sells Out


If you slept in today, you probably missed out on Upper Deck's Kobe Bryant All-Star Vinyl dual-pack.  It sold out in less than 45 minutes.  The single, yellow version then went on sale and sold out two hours later.  Next up is Alexander Ovechkin (NHL)...and then Dwayne Wade (NBA).

Submitted News…

We ended up getting a couple of pretty interesting stories via email today.  The first one is from Frank aka Angry who sent in a video from the Scoble Show that might have a direct effect on some toy designers.  So, the guy in the video basically says he has patented paper models that are printed over the internet.  How does this bode for artists like Shin Tanaka?

The second story was submitted by Envisionboy and appeals to the Star Wars fans out there...especially the vintage Star Wars toy collectors.  Check out the story at SmugBaldy.

Uglyworm Contest Winners

We ended up getting a bunch of great photos showing us just exactly what your Uglydolls were doing.  We chose our 5 favorite photos (and 5 random winners) to receive a brand-new Uglyworm plush. 



The above photos have each won an Uglyworm keep an eye out on your mailbox.  Also, if your photo wasn't chosen, remember that you might just have a package showing up from us. 

And a special thanks to the folks at Uglydolls for making this contest happen!

EGO Vinyl Figures


Graeme Patrick has been developing his EGO toy for about 2 years. He wanted to create a character that was cute, yet could be a
little evil in motive. 

Graeme describes them in the following way:
"EGOs are a little different being modular in design. This was for
a few reasons. Most of the vinyls that are out lack articulation and i
felt that it suited the character to be able to pose it in a few
ways, and gave EGOs a little more theatre when the packet is opened by
the model having to be built which engrosses the designer rather than a
simple box."

EGOs will be available from Play Lounge this week and will run around £12 plus P&P.


REVIEW: Nevermore Ellowyne Wilde



The Ellowyne Wilde line of designer dolls, sculpted by Robert Tonner, is the newest doll with a mood.  What mood would that be?  Umm…maybe discontent or ennui. 

Produced by Wilde Imagination, the line consists of basic dolls, dressed dolls and outfits.  For purposes of this review, we’ll be looking at the Nevermore dressed doll. 

So what has Nevermore written about herself?  A little poem in the vein of Edgar Allen Poe:

A dark cloud lingers over me;
and revels in my misery
A cold wind blows and whispers afore;
"Remember Ellowyne, NEVERMORE"



All of the dolls are securely packaged in the same large Ellowyne Wilde box.  Each figure is very well protected, with the hair in a plastic hairnet, accessories individually packaged and the doll tied to the box using ribbon and foam.

Read more

PhuEk! x Nades = Metallon


PhuEk has sent us photos of his newest custom creation - Metallon.  He's customized this 9" Nade (from Jamungo) for the Vinyl Elements show that will be held in LA on May 18th at the Barracuda Shop

Here is how Phu! describes the creation:

The Metallon (Metal for Greek) is a single-seated, lightly armed and armoured scout. And is part of the Rebel Squadron 77. With a mounted blaster cannon, it's deadly to any infantry units that crossed its path. Its main objective is to reconnoitre the battlefield and provide vital tactical information as well as mobile anti-infantry support.