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Crosby All-Star Vinyl Black Edition


If you're planning on attending the Sportcard and Memorabilia Expo at the
Toronto International Center, you'll want to pick up the Sidney Crosby All-Star Vinyl Black Edition.  Sales will begin at the Upper Deck booth
on the afternoon of Friday May 5th.  Limited quantities will be made
available each day through Sunday (a run of 250 pieces), limited to one figure per customer
while supplies last.  It'll run you $100 (CAD) only, exact change.

Watch Attaboy’s Too Many Robots

Wavedog at Animazing Gallery


It's still a little bit away, but you'll want to pencil in Dan Fenelon's show opening on your already congested calendar.  Dan aka Wavedog will be showing off his work at New York City's Animazing Gallery.  The opening will take place on June 9th from 1-6 PM.

REVIEW: Rolitoboy Love Nature



Rolito and Toy2R have hooked up for another version of the artist’s Rolitoboy figure.  Rolitoboy Love Nature Green Edition is the French artist’s eco-friendly take on his big-headed character.  He’s back again with his see-through head and his two bird friends.



The unique plastic packaging is both display-friendly as well as easy to open and reopen.  There are four plastic push tabs that allow you to reseal the figure in the packaging.

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Tonner’s Spider-Man Collection


Tonner Doll Company has posted some photos of their first four Spider-Man 3 prototypes.  The Tonner Character Figures (TCF) are approximately 17" tall with 14 points of articulation.  The first four figures will be Spider-Man, Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy.  Some things might change, since they do not have the final studio approval.


REVIEW: NFL Sports Picks – Series 14



Is there a better way to celebrate NFL Draft weekend than by reading a review of McFarlane Toys NFL Sports Picks?  I think not.  Every sports fan should have at least one McFarlane figure…preferably a player from your favorite team.


Series 14 includes a lineup of 6 of the top young players in the game: Larry Johnson (Chiefs), Reggie Bush (Saints), Antonio Gates (Chargers), Troy Polamalu (Steelers), Steve Smith (Panthers), Shaun Alexander (Seahawks).



The line is packaged in the traditional McFarlane style clamshell plastic packaging.  Unless you are going to be displaying them, most collectors hate clamshell.  It usually takes a good pair of scissors and some time to get to the figure.  Although, it’s probably the best option for collectors who want to leave their prize in the package.

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Brendan Tang’s Ceramic Artwork


Brendan Tang, a ceramic artist based in Western Canada, sent in some photos of his custom ceramic work.  He'll be recognized in the ceramic trade journal - Ceramics
- as one of their emerging artists. His work is heavily influenced by manga, anime and the boom in designer vinyl toys.  It's great to see the designer vinyl scene influencing artists from other mediums.


Now at Frozen Empire Toys

New Items in stock at Frozen Empire Toys:


Green "Love Nature" Rolitoboy  -  $36.00
I.W.G. Special Bear Service Set by Rocket World  -  $21.99
I.W.G. Force Recon Covert Set by Rocket World  -  $21.99
Ningyo Project: Gosho Doll by Tokidoki / Super Rad Toys  -  $72.00
Totem Doppelganger Stacking 3-Pack by Anton Ginzburg / Kidrobot  -  $19.95
Limited Edition Pocket Mirror by Parskid  -  $12.00
Limited Edition 16oz Drinking Glass by Parskid  -  $20.00
Gama-Go - Dirty Bird Tree Hoodie  -  $65.00
Gama-Go - Death Bot Crows Hoodie -  $65.00
Gama-Go - Gama-Go - Bling Bamboo Tote Bag  -  $24.00
Gama-Go - Pistols - Womens Fine Jersey Tee - Black  -  $26.00
Coming Soon . . .
Toxic Swamp Dog 8" Qee (Orange) by Joe Ledbetter / Toy2R
Limited "Garden Graves" Giclee Print by Parskid
TV Heads - Artist Series 1 by Kaching Brands
GID Tankizaado by Tim Biskup / Wonderwall
Bossy Bear by David Horvath / Toy2R
Ningyo Project: Gosho Doll - Kozik
Ningyo Project: Gosho Doll - Dalek
Liberty by Erick Scarecrow
2.5" OXOP Series 3 Qee
Mellow by Chris Lee
Keep an eye on for frequent updates!

PhuEk’s Centennial Qee


PhuEk! has submitted photos of his latest custom Qee figure - the Centennial

The Centennial a single-seated light anti-infantry walker.  It has twin jet thrusters on the back for small boost in mobility.  The retractor claw is used to pickup heavy objects that obstruct its way. It's role was to accompany Rebel Scouts as mechanized support and was able to operate in most terrain.


Mellow Out…Soon


Wheaty Wheat Studios is reporting that Chris Lee's newest character from the Urbanites - Mellow - will be available beginning in May.  There were some factory issues this year, but if you own a WWS know that the company strives for high quality products (i.e. perfection).  So which Mellow are you going to pick up?

Starting from the right, with the green jello accessory, is the standard
.  This variant will be limited to 660 figures and like all the
variants, it will be hand numbered.  The SRP for this figure is $69.99
and will be found at most of your local vinyl retailers.  This figure
will be released near the end of May.

Second from the right is Marshmellow (white variant) and comes with a S'mores accessory.  This figure will be limited to only 300 figures.  The SRP for this figure is $79.99 and is a 3DRetro exclusive.  This will be released at the end
of May as well. 

The second from the left is Licorice & Love (black
variant) and comes with a red jello accessory.  This figure is the
rarest of the variants, limited to only 84 figures.  Each will be hand
numbered and has a SRP of $89.99.  Licorice & Love will only be
available from myplasticheart.

Last but definitely not least is the Sherpa Mellow (flocked
variant) with orange jello.  It is
limited to only 180 figures, and will only be
found at Pink Ghost & Friends.  Similar
to the Licorice & Love variant, the Sherpa Mellow will be released
in June.