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Frank Cho’s Monkey Boy


Award winning comic artist Frank Cho will be signing at the Kaching Brands + MINDstyle booth (#639) during NY Comic Con from February 23-25.  The NY Comic Con exclusive Monkey Boy from Liberty Meadows (pictured below) will be limited to 200 pieces and run $49.99.   Not bad for a 10" tall figure.  Hmm...I'm not sure which one of MINDstyle's new figure I like better...???


Mimoco at NYCC…


Gloomy Bear designer - Mori Chack - will be making his NYC debut at New York Comic Con this week.  He'll be at the mimoco booth (#116) to show off - and sign - his 2 new Gloomy Bear mimobotsSket One will also be signing at the booth.  And the first 100 customers who purchase Sket's Ripple mimobot will receive the limited edition print above.

The Sultan of Swat is Revealed


George Herman Ruth is one of my favorite historical baseball players.  I'm not a Yankees fan...just a fan of the history of the national pastime.  I was glad to hear that Upper Deck would be producing an All-Star Vinyl figure based on The Babe.  This figure will be the first in the "Best of the Bronx" series.  The colorized sculpt above is by illustrator Scot Terry. 

I wish we had a closer look at the figure's face.  It seems like his chin might be a little too chiseled (not the rounded face we are used to) and I'm hoping that his nose and mouth are accurate.  And if they are going for a realistic look, UD might want to drop the NY logo from the front of Ruth's jersey...he never wore the famous insignia on his jersey.

Erick Scarecrow’s Liberty is Revealed


Esc-Toy and Kaching Brands have released the photos of Erick Scarecrow's Liquis Series Liberty vinyl figure.  She's 12" tall and will retail around $59.99.  Additional colorways and retailer exclusives will be announced in the near future.


If you're looking to pick up a liberty figure, you'll want to get to NYC Comic Con.  Erick will be at the Toy Tokyo booth #126 on Friday (from 4pm - 5pm) and Saturday (10am - 12pm).  Quantities will be limited and handled on a first come first serve basis.


REVIEW: Yira: Dragon of Doom



The most feared creature of fantasy & folklore…the dragon has caused castles to crumble & villages to burn. In approximately 250 AD, dragons began to overwhelm the northern countries. The Shokunin, named Merlin, came from the East to find a noble warrior. Merlin found St. George and forged for him Excalibot, a suit of arms that was light as air and sharp as a sword. St. George slew all the dragons but one...Yira. In the final battle, St. George pushed Yira into the mouth of a volcano. Merlin used magic to collapse the walls of the volcano, sealing Yira in a rocky tomb. For centuries Yira has waited, swelling in power and rage, to exact his revenge.

Yira: The Dragon of Doom is the newest character to be released from Go Hero’s Mechabot line of kaiju inspired toys.   One of the many enemies of the hero Mechabot, Yira follows Tentikill as the third vinyl figure released by the company.



There is no packaging to speak of.  The vinyl figure comes with a small tag that wraps around the Yira’s neck.

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Plaseebo at NY Comic Con


The Legend of Plaseebo figures are currently making their long journey across the Pacific.  The mummy figure is glow-in-the-dark and should be available sometime in March.  If you want to get your hands on a few 1st edition figures, check out the Toy Tokyo booth (#126) during NY Comic Con (February 23rd-25th).  And as a NYCC exclusive, there will be 8 super limited hand painted Bloody Mummy figures.


2006 Toy Awards: Toy of the Year's been a long time coming, but we are prepared to offer up Plastic and Plush's Top 10 list of the best toys of 2006.  This doesn't include plush toys, as we've already given you that list.  So, without further adieu...

10. Brian Taylor's Rustboy from Android 8


If we had a category for the most underrated toy of the year, Rustboy would definitely win.  It's a very cool toy that didn't garner enough press and interest.  Here's still hoping for a full-length Rustboy film.

9. Captain Maxx from Max Toy Co.


Kaiju beware!  Max Toy's namesake figure, the Captain was released in several colorways that appealed to the collector who likes his or her figures with a header card.

8. Broken Heart Robot from Genshi:Toy


Craig Perkins' forlorn robot tugged on folks' heartstrings with a sad story and a simple design.  With normal, glow-in-the-dark, solid white and soft clear figures...they had all collectors in mind.

7. Buzz Carney from Carnival Cartoons


Jared and Garnet's first figure from The Carney's line was the heavily tattooed strongman.  The character conjures up great Spumco memories.

6. Darth Maul from Sideshow Toy


This was by far and away our favorite character from Sideshow's Star Wars line.  Even though Darth Maul was an underused and unappreciated villain, he's one of our favorites.

5. Fafi's Irina from Necessaries Toy Foundation


NTF's Irina is by far and away the best looking figure based on French designer Fafi's work.  The fact that it stands around 11" in height makes it that much better.

4. Boba Fett VCD from Medicom


What's not to like about the stylized version of everyone's favorite bounty hunter?  Absolutely nothing!  Boba Fett's is the best of Medicom's Super Deformed Vinyl Collectible Dolls.

3. Mr. Bumper from STRANGEco


So how did Jim Woodring's Mr. Bumper end up on our reader's best and worst list?  We're not sure.  I guess it's a polarizing figure, but we like the wild colors and the wacky sculpt.

2. Choco and Minty from Toy2R


A duo?? can't really separate the unemployed candy bar spokesmen.  David Horvath's characters jumped right off of the candy wrapper and into fans collections...I'm still looking for the candy.

1. Treeson from Crazy Label


Bubi Au Yeung's heartbreaking story about a young boy and a creature that was raised by trees gave us one of the most popular characters of 2006 - Treeson.  The seemingly "plain" vinyl figure always attracts a smile...isn't that what toys are for?

Ellowyne Wilde Fashion Doll


With a website as quirky as
her personality, and a page devoted to her therapy sessions,
Ellowyne Wilde, the new fashion doll phenomenon designed by award-winning
designer Robert Tonner for the newly-formed New Jersey-based Wilde Imagination,
is fast becoming the talk of the doll world.  The vinyl dolls are 16" tall, and you can purchase accessories and designer clothes for the dolls.