Ledbetter’s Sluggadon Colorways

Joe Ledbetter's Sluggadon - a member of Wonderwall's Kaiju For Grownups line - will be released in a few alternate colorways. The Pink and Clear Blue versions will both be released in March and limited to 100 pieces each.

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New Flatwoods Monsters

David Horvath has posted a few of the last new versions of his Flatwoods Monster vinyl figures. From Wonderwall. Look for a review of this creation within the next week or so. Another very cool figure from the Kaiju for...

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New Show at Wootini Gallery

Name of Artist: Ray Tolan and Brian Plaster Medium: Mixed 2D and 3D, Metal, Found Objects, etc. For the past few years at Wootini, people have asked "Who made created the ceiling in the gallery?" Well, now's your chance to...

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Extreme Jeero Makeover

It might not be extreme, but Jeero has received a little makeover. Has he been working out? David Horvath announced on his blog that the Uglydoll you see on the right will be what Jeero looks like from here on...

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mimoco’s Core vimobot Series

mimoco’s first Pure Vinyl Art Toy series is here - the Core vimobot Series. The 4" tall vinyl line might look familiar...they are the same as the Core Series of mimobots (the designer USB flash drives) designed by Mexican artist...

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Upper Deck

Ruth ASV Artwork

Upper Deck has posted the original artwork of their Babe Ruth All-Star Vinyl figure. As you can see, they had removed the NY logo from Ruth's jersey (since he never wore the jersey that featured the logo). I'm looking forward...

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Carnival Cartoons

Carnival Cartoons at NYCC

Jared Deal sent us photos of the booth Carnival Cartoons shared with kaNO (showcasing his Moneygrip vinyl figure). They were showing off the new Harriet Carney vinyl...as well as some customized Buzz Carney figures. The above custom Buzz pieces are...

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2.5″ Qee OXOP Series 3

Lovers of Toy2R's Qee line should be excited by the 3rd series of OXOP 2.5" Qees. With names like Ledbetter, Attaboy, Taxali, Soto, etc. lending their art to the line, collectors should be pleased. Look for a release date in...

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400% Boba Fett Kubrick

Well, I tried to use Babel Fish to translate the details of the 400% Boba Fett Kubrick produced by Medicom Toys. It didn't work very well, but I think I got most of the bare details...it was released today and...

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Rocket World, STRANGEco, Toy Reviews

REVIEW: I.W.G. Mini Rocket Ship

Background We were lucky enough to get our paws on one of Rocket World’s I.W.G. Mini Rocket Ships. With 3 versions available – Classic Galactic Silver, Future Eco-Green and Covert Black Limited Edition – you’ll need to pick one up...

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