2006 Toy Awards: Best Packaging

Just like last year…I’ll let you know that I’m not a fan of clamshell packaging. Who is? You need hedge trimmers to get them opened. Also, twist ties are simply a barrier between you and your toy. With that said…what…

Jared Deal’s First Plush

Jared Deal of Carnival Cartoons has sent some photos of his first hand-sewn plush. It’s a one-of-a-kind creation, but Jared has several more characters in mind. O…and he doesn’t yet have a name for this guy. He’s taking suggestions!

2006 Toy Awards: Primer

It’s that time of year again…the end. That means that Plastic and Plush will be presenting our Best Of the past year – 2006. Over the next week or so, we’ll be running down the 2006 Toy Awards. There will…

REVIEW: Baby Hellhound Plush

Background Play Imaginative teamed up with the amazingly talented Japanese artist – Touma – to release their first plush figure. The man who is most notably recognized as the creator of Knuckle Bear has created a line of 4 Baby…

All-Star Vinyl Figures

Apparently, the LeBron’s were just the first in the line of Upper Deck All-Star Vinyl figures. On the Upper Deck blog, they have posted a few photos of the 3 newest designs. Three of the top quarterbacks in the NFL…

The Legend of Plaseebo

The first photos of Plaseebo and his sarcophagus have been released by designer – Bob Conge. While the photos don’t show the final production colors, they do show the final production details. Each figure will have a header card and…

We Kill You Broken Skate Decks

VinylFixx is putting several custom one-of-a-kind broken skate decks on sale. We Kill You designed the below decks exclusively for VinylFixx. Hmm…who ever thought your broken boards could be used as a piece of artwork?

UniPo Series 3 Blasts Off!

UNKLBrand has introduced the latest line of UniPo figures (Series 3) – well before their eventual Winter 2007 release. The 2″ tall line of 4 figures takes on the look of spacemen dressed up in their space-like suits. These should…

The Killer Gerbil Labbit Custom

We’ve heard some inventive artist pen names in our day, but I believe that “The Killer Gerbil” might take the cake. Well, Mr. Gerbil went to town customizing one of Kidrobot’s vinyl Labbit figures. I think it shows that you…

Erick Scarecrow’s Shiitakes

Erick Scarecrow has sent us word (and a photo) of his newest creation…his line of plush Shiitakes. This mushroom based line of plushies will be 4″ tall and are set to be released early in the coming year. That’s right…fungus!

Cardboy Calendar by Mark James

Tahir, from UrbanRetro, has sent us news about Mark James’ latest creation…a free, downloadable Cardboy Calendar paper toy. The nice thing is that you change the figure monthly by just turning the inner portion of the toy (the calendar section)….

After Christmas Sale!

After Christmas Sale! Save 20% at freebento.com Christmas is over now is the time to get a gift for the person who really matters, namely you To help in this cause they are offering a 20% off coupon @ freebento.com….