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2006 Toy Awards: Best Packaging

Just like last year...I'll let you know that I'm not a fan of clamshell packaging.  Who is?  You need hedge trimmers to get them opened.  Also, twist ties are simply a barrier between you and your toy.  With that said...what do we like?  Great artwork, informative reading and originality.

#3. Kuggs from Blackwater Toys


Designed like a subway car, the Kuggs packaging allows you to combine several boxes to form a complete train.  Do you want to know the story of the line?  It's available on the rear of the packaging.

#2. Star Wars Line from Sideshow Toys


Sideshow's new line of 12" Star Wars figures are not only impressive in and of themselves...but the new packaging rocks!  The box folds out to reveal 2 panels of background reading, a section for accessories and one containing the figure.  Plus, the box is held together with a magnet...very cool!

#1. Mr. Bumper by STRANGEco - WINNER!!


Jim Woodring's vinyl figure was held up in some very impressive packaging.  Looking more like a retro style board game, the box has a great scene of Mr. Bumper on his way down a street.  Maybe that's why STRANGEco has the figure displayed on the box...because they're equally impressive.

Jared Deal’s First Plush


Jared Deal of Carnival Cartoons has sent some photos of his first hand-sewn plush.  It's a one-of-a-kind creation, but Jared has several more characters in mind.  O...and he doesn't yet have a name for this guy.  He's taking suggestions!


2006 Toy Awards: Primer


It's that time of year again...the end.  That means that Plastic and Plush will be presenting our Best Of the past year - 2006.  Over the next week or so, we'll be running down the 2006 Toy Awards.  There will be several new categories introduced.  What excitement!!

REVIEW: Baby Hellhound Plush



Play Imaginative teamed up with the amazingly talented Japanese artist – Touma – to release their first plush figure.  The man who is most notably recognized as the creator of Knuckle Bear has created a line of 4 Baby Hellhound plush figures (varying in color).

Play Imaginative is known for their Trexi line of mini figures, but they have expanded to rotocast vinyl and plush.  The Baby Hellhounds are the first line of plush toys from PI, with Touma’s Grabbit figures to follow in 2007.



The line is plush, which means that there is not much going on in the means of packaging.  They might have the protective bag removed by the retailer.  The collar is wrapped in plastic which helps protect the vinyl face from any of the paint rubbing off.


The Figure

The Baby Hellhound is currently available in the original blue colorway.  The black, brown and pink versions are scheduled to be released in the next month or so.

Each Baby Hellhound is approximately 10” in height.  The figure is made of plush material with a squishy vinyl face.  The collar is cast of a stiffer plastic than the rotocast face.  The cardboard located in the soles of the figure’s feet allow collectors to balance the Baby Hellhound plush.

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All-Star Vinyl Figures


Apparently, the LeBron's were just the first in the line of Upper Deck All-Star Vinyl figures.  On the Upper Deck blog, they have posted a few photos of the 3 newest designs.  Three of the top quarterbacks in the NFL are represented in Brett Favre, Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady.  Look for the top players from the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL to be transformed into vinyl.


The Legend of Plaseebo


The first photos of Plaseebo and his sarcophagus have been released by designer - Bob Conge.  While the photos don't show the final production colors, they do show the final production details.  Each figure will have a header card and will be packaged with an illustrated copy of "The Legend of Plaseebo" printed on parchment paper.  The for the figure set to be released in late January.


We Kill You Broken Skate Decks


VinylFixx is putting several custom one-of-a-kind broken skate decks on sale.  We Kill You designed the below decks exclusively for VinylFixx.  Hmm...who ever thought your broken boards could be used as a piece of artwork?


UniPo Series 3 Blasts Off!


UNKLBrand has introduced the latest line of UniPo figures (Series 3) - well before their eventual Winter 2007 release.  The 2" tall line of 4 figures takes on the look of spacemen dressed up in their space-like suits.  These should be a hit when they are releaed...remember to add them to your holiday list for next year.

The Killer Gerbil Labbit Custom


We've heard some inventive artist pen names in our day, but I believe that "The Killer Gerbil" might take the cake.  Well, Mr. Gerbil went to town customizing one of Kidrobot's vinyl Labbit figures.  I think it shows that you don't need to use color to be eye catching.


Erick Scarecrow’s Shiitakes


Erick Scarecrow has sent us word (and a photo) of his newest creation...his line of plush Shiitakes.  This mushroom based line of plushies will be 4" tall and are set to be released early in the coming year.  That's right...fungus!