Hoodiez by Carl Jones

Dreamland Toyworks plan on launching their first new lines in early 2007. One of the company's first launches will excite fans of The Boondocks. Carl Jones, producer of Adult Swim's "The Boondocks", has designed a line of his own, original...

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Gwin Customs From The NVC Crew

Dr. Bao and Spive - aka the NVC Crew - have been chosen as the December Artist of the Month over at October Toys. The honor entitles them to work on some Gwin customizing. By producing some of the best...

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12″ HazMaPo from UNKL

UNKL Brand is blowing up the much sought after HazMaPo line...to 300% of the normal size. Launching on January 1st, these HazMaPo figures will be 12" in height. The 'Peligro' model - shown above - is the first of many...

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Dolls, Dolls, Dolls Show

The Hive Gallery & Studios, known for bringing innovative new artists into the thriving Gallery Row scene, explores the world of dolls in its December show - DOLLS DOLLS DOLLS. Curators Nathan Cartwright and Carol Powell, with over 100 up...

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Rocket World

IWG – Series 4

Rocket World has sent us this photo of the newest series of Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo characters. Series 4 consists of 4 figures: Makutu the Yellow Eyed Penguin, Oishi the Japanese Snow Monkey, Candace the African Elephant and Burnu the Platypus....

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Circus Punks, Shows

Circus Punks: Out of Vogue in LA

Circus Punks are the modern day incarnation of these nostalgic American tradition but with a twist: these Circus Punks are designed and customized by the hottest artists around. The Out of Vogue in LA show will feature artwork and handpainted...

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Squbes From Jamungo

The newest products from Jamungo are designed by FERG and called Squbes. They are less vinyl toys and more designer art figures. The run consists of 500 white pieces and 350 of the black version. Also, look for clear (150)...

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It’s Chilly At Frozen Empire Toys

In stock and shipping NOW at Frozen Empire Toys: Get Small SF Mini Figures UniPo Series 1 by UNKLbrand 3" Red Ninja Trexi by Huck Gee 10" + 3" Trexi Set by Huck Gee 8" Lenin Dunny by Kozik /...

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Uglydoll Costume Contest!!

You might need to enter the crazy Uglycon Uglydoll Costume Contest...just check out the prizes! First place wins the giant Big Toe prototype, a band new Nintendo Wii system and a Zelda game for the Wii. 2nd place wins the...

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6″ Tinpo Figures

Tinpo just keeps getting bigger...literally! The folks at UNKL Labs decided to make slight modifications to their prized gerbil DNA and this was the result: Big ol’ tinpos! At 6" in height, these tinpo figures are 300% the size of...

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