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Sad Monster From Shan Michael Evans


The ultra-talented Shan Michael Evans is working on the DIY project of the year.  He is attempting to get his Sad Monster (Ultimate Kaiju) figure produced.  It will be around 8"-9" tall with a run between 300 and 500 pieces.  In order to get things moving, Shan is releasing a limited edition print.  The print will be limited to 100 pieces for $110 each.  Each person who adds his or her name to the print list on the KR board will receive a figure for free (once it's produced).  So you'd be helping to finance the project...and you'd receive a very cool figure!

Custom Cheshire Cat From NVC Crew


Dr. Bao and Spive - the NVC Crew - have sent us photos of their latest project.  It's a custom Cheshire Cat for an upcoming Cheshire Cat Show at Gallery 1988.  They started out with the concept..a cat who likes music...and just went crazy with that idea!  It has working speakers and you can plug an MP3 or CD player into the rear board.  The vinyl crate, records, background and garbage can were all done by NVC to accentuate the custom.


Plaseebo Artist John Kastner at Little Gallery


John Kastner, one of the artists/designers at Plaseebo Custom has a one-man exhibition of his Weeblax series watercolors and limited edition prints at the Little Gallery in Rochester, New York thru October 25th.

John’s work is from his ongoing series Weeblax-uzzl, which he refers to as "Very Kroonic images for the visually intelligent" and while John’s work appears light and colorful on the surface, the undertow of the concept never fails to pull the viewer into the depths of John’s subconscious, always oddly unsettling.


Yoda VCD from Medicom


Yoda is the latest character in the line of Vinyl Collectible Dolls from Medicom ToysSideshow Collectibles is the distributor, and they currently have the limited edition figure up for pre-order.  Yoda stands at roughly 5" tall and comes with several accessories.  The figure is selling for $59.99 and is set to ship in the 1st quarter 2007.

REVIEW: Kozik Labbit


Background has sent us one of Frank Kozik’s new rotocast vinyl Labbit figures.  These Labbits are the younger, more innocent brothers of the Smorkin’ variety.  Kidrobot might have felt somewhat pressured to appeal to younger clientele…which birthed this sweeter, gentler Labbit.



The package is a window-front box.  It is decorated with Kozik artwork.  The window allows you to see what accessories the figure you are buying has.  This is convenient, and it’s the only way you’ll be able to find the accessory set you want.


The Figures

These Labbits are non-smorkin’…so you won’t find any cigarettes in the accessory list.  Each figure is made of rotocast vinyl and measures 5” in length.  There are 4 Labbits available, with the only differing factor being the interchangeable accessories each is packaged with.  The Labbit has a hole for a mouth, and you can find accessories such as an ice cream cone, mustache, blade of grass, banana, hot dog and more!

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Double Dutch Custom Trexi Show


Double Dutch
is a unique exhibition of customized 10" Trexis, featuring the work of 15 Dutch artists and designers with backgrounds in fine art, graffiti, illustration and graphic design.

To celebrate the launch of, they have asked several artists and designers to personalize a blank 10" Trexi for the exhibition.  Among the artists are LIV3R, Sjors Trimbach, Playskewl, Ewos, Jacky Hekkelaan, Marbl Art, Mamacita and many more.

The launch party will be held on October 5th at Outland Records, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.  All of the Trexi customs toys created for this exhibition will be for sale after the event.

Hint Mints and Gary Baseman


Next up in the limited-edition artist series of Hint Mint collectable tins is Gary Baseman.  Get ready for some minty freshness with 3 different types of mint flavors - cinnamon, peppermint and chocolate.

Mozzarella by tokidoki


One of the newest figures from STRANGEco is the 6"tall, rotocast Mozzarella...the next vinyl figure from Simone Legno and tokidoki.
Mozzarella is the leader of The Moofia, a gang asembled to extort milk
from lunchboxes of schoolyard bullies. She's loving and kind to good
kids but ruthless and feared by those who harass the innocent.  Mozzarella packs tommy gun heat, and comes with a 2.5" smiling bullet companion.