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Ectotron Mono Prototype at the PBJ Show


The Ectotron Mono toy from Level 5 and Dave Quiles of Me Llamo Jellyfish Studios is an exclusive design to the Uberbot gallery in Winter Park, Florida.  Uberbot is celebrating its 1-year anniversary with the Peanut Butter & Jellyfish Show - featuring the talented artists of Me Llamo Jellyfish (Nakanari, Jorge and Kelly Aponte, Dave Quiles, and Julius Santiago).  This design is being released in conjunction with it.  It was designed as a subconscious tribute to the first show, Ghost in the Shell (which also featured Nakanari, as well as Bloo Empire), and portrays a good-natured, yet tough robot being possessed by an evil apparition that emerged from within.  The pictures are of the color sample from the factory.  The edition size is limited to 100.


Monsters Mash Avalon Boston


Who: Kaiju Big Battel with Japanese horror-core guest, Gelatine
When: Friday, October 20th, 2006. Doors at 6:00 PM. Show at 7:00 PM
Where: Avalon Boston, 15 Landsdowne St. (behind Fenway Park) Boston, MA
Tickets: Available at and all Ticketmaster locations. All Ages. $15.25

In celebration of its second season on G4 TV’s Action Blast, Kaiju Big Battel [sic] returns to Avalon to star in Shpadoinkel Mania XVIII on Friday, October 20th. Shpadoinkel Mania XVIII promises to be the biggest Shpadoinkel Mania ever! Kaiju’s highly anticipated return to Avalon will feature thirty-three blocks of crushable cityscape, 2 Kaiju Jumbotrons, the fan favorite Danger Zone (a Double-Dare-inspired audience participation area), and over thirty Kaiju fighters including favorites, Dr. Cube, Kung-Fu Chicken Noodle, Pedro Plantain, Powa Ranguru and the evil Silver Potato.

This is Kaiju’s last Boston performance this year, so don’t miss this rare chance to catch one of the area’s best live-action comedy shows.

Schedule of events for Kaiju Big Battel: Shpadoinkel Mania XVIII
Pre-fight live music by Gelatine
Match 1) Space Invader: Tad Bradley Hawaiian Paddler Vs Giii the Space Pirate
Match 2) Tag Team Championship: Apes of Wrath VS Sea Amigos
Match 3)  Amazon Street Fight: Pedro Plantain VS Silver Potato
Match 4)  Mystery Match: ? VS ?
Main Event) Kaiju Championship: Soup VS Opponent of his Choice!

Visit for more info and full descriptions of the match ups!

Living Dead Doll Art Show


Halloween...there couldn’t be a more appropriate night to debut the
first-ever Living Dead Dolls Art Show. The internationally anticipated
show premieres October 31, 2006 at New York's famous designer toy
gallery - The Showroom NYC. Previously, all Living Dead Dolls have been
designed by Ed Long, Damien Glonek and Michael "Mez" Markowitz; this
upcoming art show invites over 100 artists to design, interpret and
explore their own dark vision of the Living Dead Dolls.

Invited artists have been selected from numerous fields and
disciplines, the list is a veritable Who's Who of notoriety and talent;
Ed, Damien & Mez creating one-of-a-kind originals, other
contributing artists include: Michael Dougherty, artist and screen
writer on Superman Returns and X Men 2; comic book legend Simon Bisley;
gothic artist and musician Voltaire; toy development power house Inu
Art Studios; Oblongs TV show creator and artist Angus Oblong; famous
Japanese designer Hiddy; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle writer, creator
and artist Kevin Eastman and many more.

Now Up For Pre-Order


Tokyocube is now taking pre-orders for David Horvath and Wonderwall's Prophecy Type Mothman figure.  The 5.75" rotocast vinyl figure is available exclusively through the retailer.  They have made 35 of the 100 limited edition figures availabe for pre-order.  Look for them to ship around mid-October.

Chuckanucka 3 Pack Winners


The winners of the Chuckanucka 3 Packs are:

anorak city

Thanks again to the folks at Uglydolls for these cool prizes.  Be on the lookout for our next contest...also thanks to Uglydolls!

Mascot Artist Wanted


Are you the one?

They will welcome the Olympians and
Paralympians in 2010. They will be the most popular photo op among spectators.
They will be the hottest gift for family and friends at home. And they are just
waiting to be unleashed from someone’s wild imagination…They are
the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games mascots.

Vancouver 2010 is
looking for a creative genius (or team of them) to develop Canada’s Olympic and
Paralympic Games mascots.

For details go to

Win A Wavedog Derby Contest


Artist Dan "Wavedog" Fenelon is giving this hand painted
miniature (6”x4”x2”) derby away just for visiting his website and
entering the online Derby Contest.

It’s easy and there is no catch.

Just go to and click on the "Win A Derby Contest” button for details. Winner will be notified by e-mail.

The winner will be picked out of a I mean derby on:

October 23rd 2006

Sophisticated Sasquatches


Everyone loves plushies...and at least I am a big fan of Bigfoot and Sasquatches.  Maybe it was the 452 times I watched Harry and the Hendersons as a kid.  Rosey from Sophisticated Sasquatches has sent news of the launch of her website.  She describes the line of 12" Sasquatch plushies (made of fur and felt) as follows:

The story behind them is that there's some sasquatches out there that
have a huge urge to go into urban areas and try to learn how to be
cultured. Unfortunately their love for eating garbage, loud music and
roughhousing often gets in the way of them trying to enjoy the finer
points in life. Update


Undoboy has updated his Super Bastard Box Art website.  There is a pretty cool feature.  You'll need to check out the 360 degree view for each of the 16 figures.  If you're interested in picking up any of the toys, they now have a retail section up.  DKE Toys is the distributor for the Super Bastard figures.

New Figure From mr clement


Look for the limited edition figure - mr.Yeah Kou - from the mind of mr clement.  It will be 5" tall and limited to a run of 500 figures.  Look for Yeah Kou to arrive in October.  DKE Toys will be taking care of the distribution for this figure.