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NeverBlue by Melissa M. Levine


Melissa M. Levine is an artist, addicted to color, chaos, and creation. She finds inspiration in nature, mythology and magic. Melissa currently lives and works among the majestic redwoods on the northern coast of California with her husband and fellow artist, Relm Levine.  Her NeverBlue custom is only available at Panik’s Toybox for $149.99.

Jon Burgerman at Artoyz


Jon Burgerman will be showing off some new large canvas prints, drawings, toy prototypes and stickers.  It will be Jon’s first solo show in France at Artoyz (May 4-20).  His hand painted toys (Yamis) are part of a collection Burgerman’s working on called The Burgermenos with Flying Cat. There will be about 30-40 available for purchase on the opening night.



Rosie Red Encore Blythe

Rosie Red Encore, the popular Neo Blythe, was originally released in 2001. She now returns as Superior Blythe with SBL face mold! The original 2001 version had bold ruby red lipstick and solid make up on her matte skin. The Superior version, on the other hand, has a more of a mature look.. The Superior version also comes with a black fur jacket, a pair of stockings and other items that did not come with the original.


Sideshow SDCC Insanely Twisted Rabbit


Sideshow Toys has released a teaser photo of their Scorpion Tail Rabbit polystone statue.  It will be available at SDCC, with a limited number being made available to non-attending collectors.  So if you're a fan of Michel Gagne's Insanely Twisted'll wanna pick this one up.