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SDCC: Biskup’s Alphabeast Calli Kubrick


This photo was posted on Kubrick World by Meary.  It's for Tim Biskup's Alphabeast Calli Kubrick figure, which will be available at San Diego Comic Con at the Toy Tokyo table.  The ad is from Juxtapoz magazine.  Look for the figures to sell around $20 each.

REVIEW: NTF and Fafi’s Irina



Fafi is a well-known French graffiti artist who has also taken the fine art and designer toy scene by storm.  Her paintings and drawings of her funny, sexy girls can be seen adorning walls, on canvas or styling clothing. 

Necessaries Toy Foundation had their Fafi Irina figure in the works for over 2 years.  It’s been a highly anticipated figure since it was originally announced.  Considering there are not many Fafi pieces available (other than the Sony capsule toys), all of her fans have clamored for the release.



The box the Irina figure comes packaged in is chocked full of Fafi artwork.  There is a drawing of Irina in front of various graffiti.  The box does not have a display window, so even though it’s nice to look at, you’ll need to display the figure outside of the box.


The Figure

Irina is an 11” tall (on one knee) rotocast vinyl figure.  She includes 2 accessories – a baseball cap and a tiara.  Monster5 (Tequilla, El Panda, Afroman) did the sculpting on this figure.  There are two versions, or colorways, of the Irina figure.  The Pale version is limited to 800 pieces worldwide, while the Tan (or Colette version) Irina is limited to 200 pieces.  For purposes of this review, we looked at the Pale version.

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Sideshow’s Freddy – Dream Warriors


Sideshow Toys has released photos of their 12" Freddy figure from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.  They have also made the figure available for pre-order...for Comic Con attendees.  The figure is limited to 1,500 pieces and sells for $44.99.  The "Chest of Souls" accessory does look pretty cool.

The Mothman Prophecies…???


Hmm...exactly what does this cryptic message on David Horvath's website mean?  We all know about Mr. Uglydoll's obsession with Mothman...but could this mean a Mothman figure?  We'll just have to wait and see.

Phony Baloney Qees from SEEN

Toy2R and Planet6 have finally revealed photos of the Phony Baloney themed Qees, designed by SEEN

P-BALONEY gets the kick me treatment in classic style!  The 8” Qee with retail around $60 and includes a 2.5” SEEN Qee chain.  It’s limited to 400 pieces and will be released at Comic Con.

RE-RE MAKES PEE PEE had a little accident and made a wet himself.  This “ Qee will retail around $70 and also includes a 2.5” Qee chain.  It’s limited to 200 pieces and is a Comic Con exclusive colorway.


Warrior Dunny from Riot68


The customizers have been hard at work!  This custom 8" Dunny from Riot68 is named Warrior.  Part character, part graffiti, part ninja...Warrior is the latest custom from this talented artist.

Kay Oz by Melissa M. Levine


Panik's Toy Box has the latest custom from artist Melissa M Levine.  Melissa got her hands on a 3.5" Nade, from Jamungo, and worked her magic.  You can purchase this one-off custom for $29.99.

TinPo Series 2 – Fashion Victims


Here's a photo of the second series of TinPo figures from UNKL Brand.  This series is called the fashion victims...and as you can probably tell...they are sporting some of the hottest current lines.  They are ready to walk down the runway and debut on June 15th.