“Tea For Two” Neo Blythe

The "Tea For Two" Blythe was originally released in the spring of 2003 and was extremely popular.  She now returns as the Superior Neo Blythe. Her makeup and hair color are identically the same as the original version. Her “lonely but tender expression” gives her a different personality then the original. Her accessories (bag, tea set and parasol) are slightly different from the original. And her hair is a little shorter than the original.


3 thoughts on ““Tea For Two” Neo Blythe

    1. lol, these don’t come in the $30’s. Sometimes you can luck out and score for about $80, but that really was a cple years back. Read up on them and you will understand why they cost so much. They are hard to come by and belong to part of a very serious and very large collectors community. Blythe’s are definitley just “dolls.” They are an actual investment.

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