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Kuggs: Get Yer Fix


Next weekend's Toy Fair will introduce us to some new lines of figures.  Kuggs are a new line from a new company - Blackwater Toys.  Kuggs are cute, little beings who are being oppressed by the "Bagless" - who control their lives.

Each 6” Kugg comes packaged with a 7/8” Kugg and one stackable display train. The large Kugg can hold both the small Kugg and the display train.  Also, there will be two different box styles.  When you put together the two boxes they form one half of a subway train.  More info – such as price, quantity – should be available in the near future.


Qee Series 5C


Toy2R has announced their Qee Series 5C lineup.  There are a number of great artists in the series...and more styles than any other Qee series.  There are 22 figures in all - 14 regular and 8 "mystery".  They're available go get 'em.


Grady’s Bridge Troll Munny


At first, I wasn't a big fan of the Munny...after seeing what some artists have done to customize this thing...I'm beginning to change my opinion.

Here's what Joe Grady had to say about his Bridge Troll Munny custom:

I based this Munny off of a Bridge Troll Trexi I designed a few months ago. I started by cutting a hole in the face of the Munny to accomodate the eye sockets. Then I sculpted the features using Super Sculpey. Once he was baked I painted him using acrylic paints, and finished him off with a coat of Krylon matte clear spray paint. I also used some Future floor polish to get a high gloss on the teeth and nalis. This Bridge Troll Munny was alot of fun, and I hope everyone enjoys him.


Irina Around the Corner


Necessaries Toy Foundation has announced the impending arrival of the first full-sized Fafi figure to hit the market - Irina.  A special edition was already released at Colette in France.  I first heard about this figure hitting the market a year ago and I'm glad we'll be getting our first dose of Fafi vinyl at the end of February.


Cute and Curious Available at Toys R Us


Blythe has popped out from a fairy tale! She’s looking eerily familiar to Alice from Alice in Wonderland.  The doll (Cute and Curious) is a special edition with bright yellow hair.  You can only pick her up from Toys R Us beginning on February 18th.

Cute and Curious has eye colors that are aquamarine (special color) and gray brown (Special color) staring straight, pink from the right (standard color) and green from the left (standard color).

This Blythe includes a black dress, gingham check dress, apron, petticoat, umbrella, a pair of shoes, a pair of socks, a pair of tights, a pair of pants, hair band, blouse, necklace, stand and collection card.


LA Dunnys released today


Several of our sponsors will be very excited as today is the release date for the Los Angeles Series of, and will all have the series up for sale today.  3DRetro did pre-orders...essentially selling out before the figures ever came in. FreeBento has opened boxes and RocketPop has blind boxes.  This series might be what the Dunny needs...after several "eh..." releases.

Book Launch Party – MTV Overground #3: TOYS!


MTV and Universe present a special book launch party for MTV Overground #3: Toys.  This publication, which celebrates the latest in designer toys, has been edited by STRANGEco. The party features original and rare toy art
by Attaboy, Peter Bagge, Bigfoot One, Dalek, Tristan Eaton, Ron
English, Friends With You, Pete Fowler, Nathan Jurevicius, Rocket
World, SEEN, Gary Taxali, Toy2R and more.  You can also pick up your own copy of the book.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006 - 7 pm to 10 pm
The Showroom NYC
117 2nd Ave. (corner of E. 7th Street)

Want to see the one-of-a-kind Rocket World custom? 

Check out our Discussion Board thread.

Little Yoya & Minty Signing


O boy! Can't wait for this one.  I'll be tryng to get one of the 50 very limited sets of David and Sun-Min's Little Yoya and Minty figures.  These are made by Toy2R and will be available on February 13th at 6 pm at Yoyamart in NYC.  If you're going...I'll see you there.

Wee Ninja Vinyl Release Party


Shawn Smith is set to launch his very first vinyl figure - Wee Ninja.  Wee Ninja was manufactured by adFunture. You'll need to swing by Rotofugi on February 4th - between 5 and 8 pm.  Special "Wee Ninja Mega Paks" will be available for sale for those who come out. The Mega Pak consists of: 1 Wee Ninja vinyl toy, 1 Wee Ninja plush, 1 Pocket Ninja plush, 1 special edition stealth t-shirt, Ninja buttons and a one-of-a-kind ninja drawing by Shawn.