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Monkey Fun Toys Reveals 2006 Lines

In celebration of five years in the toy business, Slave Labor Graphics (SLG) Publishing
announced an ambitious toy program for the first half of 2006 for its
division - Monkey Fun Toys.  Products range from vinyl and plastic toys,
plush toys and limited edition statues, most based SLG Publishing
titles and characters.


March 2006 -
a vinyl and plastic toy based on the Mummy character from the SLG comic
book The Super Scary Monster Show featuring Little Gloomy.


April 2006 - Voodoo Valerie is a sassy plush voodoo doll. She is taken from the pages of the cult hit comic book series Outlook: Grim.


June 2006 - The world will finally get what it has been begging
for, a vinyl toy set of two of SLG Publishing's most beloved
characters, Milk and Cheese.


July 2006 - From James Turner's hit comic book series Rex Libris comes a six-and-a-half-inch Rex Libris statue featuring everyone's favorite ass-kicking librarian.

Toy2R’s Yoya and Minty


David Horvath and Sun-Min will have two new figures hitting store shelves sometime next month.  We have yet to see photos of the toys, but the packaging of Yoya and Minty figures look like they should rock.  They should be released during the week of Toy Fair at Yoyamart in NYC.


2005 Toy Awards: Best Plush Figure

2005 gave us a number of new plush lines and it introduced us to some new characters from several well established lines.  We chose our 3 favorite plushies ( might not actually be a plush) of the past year.


Thomas Han's trippy artwork came to life with his Cosmic Quigly plush line.  With three super limited versions, this plush from Wheaty Wheat might have been the year's best kept secret.


The Uglydoll family added another member this past February.  David Horvath launched the Ugly Dog plush right around last year's Toy Fair.  It was the first Ugly to have two color variants - pink and orange.


Hmm...are Circus Punks considered plush? Well, they definitely aren't vinyl and they do have they fall under this category (in my book).  Even though there were so many amazing designs, Sket One's Eggster Punk stands out as on of the year's best.

Winner: Thomas Han's Cosmic Quigly
This plush didn't nearly receive the amount of attention it deserved.  With the applied vinyl detailing and super soft material, it was the most unique plush of 2005.  I'm not sure if there are any available (or where they might be purchased from) but Wheaty Wheat did have a number of these available at SDCC.

Baseman’s Hump-qee Dump-qee


Baseman fans rejoice!  There are several new Gary Baseman designed 2.5 inch Egg Qees - Hump-qee Dump-qees to be exact.  Toy2R's LuisaViaRoma Exclusive Qee is pictured above.  There is also an entire line (including several different colorways), which is pictured below.


Series 1 of Voodooz


People have been anticipating the Voodooz plush line of toys from Mezco for a while now.  It appears that they have set a tentative date of April/May 2006.  I am a fan of this line as I own a handmade version of Uchawi (formerly known as Stitch).  The line was created by everyone's favorite horror toy creator - John Pinkerton.  The characters in Series 1 include Uchawi (pictured above), Ezili, Baka and Kennis.


Sket’s Buckeye Rot


Ooo...all of the talk is over and we now have an actual sneak peek at what Sket One's Buckeye Rot will look like.  We've all heard about Eggster's tomato friend, but this pic is even better than the description.  That little thing in Buckeye's back is a knife, which you can place in his hands.  This is the first project between Wheaty Wheat and Sket.  We can't wait to get some real pics from next month's Toy Fair.

The Sponsors have the Dunnys!

Two of our sponsors have some of Kidrobot's hottest Dunny styles up for sale.

T_618 has Sket One's blue King Tut Dunny up for sale.  Truly my favorite Dunny design so far, it's selling for $39 through the "Bento".

Ladunnys has their pre-order for the LA Series of Dunnys up on the site.  Set to drop on February 2nd, there are currently 112 units in stock.  If you order 25 or more, you receive a sealed case!

CiBoys: Sh!t Fighters


The always parodying guys at Red Magic are taking a little jab at the Street Fighter franchise.  In what they refer to as Sh!t Fighter, Red Magic has introduced us to 10 new figures that eerily resemble everyone's favorite video game's characters.

Max Toy Sneak Peek


Mark Nagata, formerly of Super7 fame, has started his own toy company - Max Toy Company.  If you're into Kaiju looks like this company will definitely give you what you're looking for.  Above is a sneak peek drawing of what will be one of the first figures produced by Max Toy Co.  We're not sure the name of this figure, but it looks like it is one of 4 exclusive toys on the production list.

Napoleon Dynamite Series 2 Photos

McFarlane Toys has released some sneak peek photos of their 2nd series of Napoleon Dynamite figures.  Look for these to hit stores sometime around April.  These will be the same as the first series - including the voice chips with your favorite lines from the movie.

The 4 figure series includes Kip "Waiting for La Fawnduh" (pictured above) and (in order below) "Happy Hands" Napoleon, Uncle Rico in his "Steak Toss" pose and the Napoleon and Tina "Feeding Time" boxed set.