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magma mimobot from mimoco…whew!


Here is some new info on a new goSeries mimobot character!
Fresh from the ashes deep in the core of planet blõôh comes magma, who’s
been in hiding to this point.  magma is the 5th mimobot in the goSeries. Want to
know more about this elusive mimobot, check out his bio (don’t tell him
we sent it)…

Sex: mo

Age: elderling

About: A fire demon
mining silicon deep in the core of planet blõôh.

Hobbies: guzzling nectar of
the evening dew.

Flash event: Bathing in a
rather potent firestorm set him ablaze.

Tagline: More Boom

This is one of my favorite mimobot designs so far.  They are just beginning to ship, so go check out mimoco's website for more info.


Doma Dunnys Droppin’


Free Bento has the new Doma Dunny from Kidrobot.  There are currently two versions - Blue and Red - of this 8-inch Dunny.  The Blue version is limited to 1,000 pieces, while the Red has 1,500 avilable.  Doma is an Argentinian based art group and they have done some cool work outside of designing this Dunny.  Each one is available for $29 through Free Bento.

Wheaty Wheat Opens The Store


Wheaty Wheat has opened their Online Store, which is currently stocked with a number of customs from the 20-inch MAD*L Show.  It's now possible to purchase several of the customs that were shown in the popular gallery show.  WW will also have the upcoming "Save Huck" MAD*L available through their site (limited to 100 pieces).  It's also stocked full of posters, prints, t-shirts and buttons from some of the company's most famous artists.

The Flocked Wee Ninja


Here is a sneak peek at the Wee Ninja from Shawnimals and adFunture.  They've done a good job taking this plush and transforming it to a flocked vinyl figure.  Look for him in the coming months...

Don’t Wipe Your Feet On These

Klim sends news of a new project from the guys behind Circus Punks


These are some very cool rugs!  Yes...rugs.  You can either put them down on your floor to wipe your feet after you get out of the shower, or maybe you'd prefer to one up on your wall.  Either way, these are rather limited.  Be prepared to see rugs from MCA, Frank Kozik and TIm Biskup.

Pictured are the Sun-Min Kim Spider Boom and the Joe Ledbetter rug.


New Items from Gary Taxali

Gary Taxali has a number of new items available:

"Le Monstre" limited edition 4 colour silkscreen print, edition of 200 (22" x 23-1/2).  Price is only $150
"Crap Tee-Shirt" - Sizes are Girlie Tee (American Apparel - Classic Girl, M/OS), Men's M, L and XL.   Price is $25

"Chump Cat" hand-painted Qeedrophonic doll, Only $850 until Dec 31st., 05  (regular price is $1500)


REVIEW: Asian Butterfly Encore Blythe


So have you become a fan of the wide-eyed Blythe girls yet?  These are the fashion dolls with the color changing eyes.  Just pull the string on the back of her head…she closes her eyes…and different color eyes magically appear.  Remember that the Blythes you see are referred to as “Neo Blythes” as the original Blythe dolls were only produced in 1972.


The Asian Butterfly Encore was originally released in Japan by CWC, and Hasbro has recently made the Neo Blythe doll available to collectors in the United States through their online store.  The dolls sell for $89.99 through and are recommended for ages 7 and over.

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2005 Toy Awards: Reader’s Picks

So it's that time of the year again.  The holidays are upon us and this means it's about time to say goodbye to 2005 and hello to '06.  It also means that it's time for the First Annual Plastic and Plush Toy Awards.  So this is where I must wade back through the past year and choose which toy lines and companies really stood out from the pack. 

I'm going to be asking you, the readers, to also weigh in on some pretty significant topics.  I call them our Reader's Choice Awards.  So please read over the following categories, and send your picks to  I will then tally up the results and announce them during our Awards "Ceremony".

Here are the categories:

Best Plastic Figure
Best Plush Figure
Best Toy Line
Most Outstanding Toy Company
Toy of the Year

Remember that this is for toys released during the past year.  I'm looking forward to reading your responses!

Play the Game – Win Littlebony


You might have seen David Horvath's Littlebony character.  He's the skinless little boy who teams up with his dog - Mightydog.  If you're in Japan, you'll have a chance to win some very cool plushies of these characters this coming February. 

But the only way to get them is to win at the Littlebony UFO catcher arcade game.  The games will be all over Tokyo this February. The folks in the U.S. will have to find other means of getting these bad boys.


Sign Me Up! Uglydoll Creator Signing


Will you be in New York City on Friday, December 16th?  If so...go by FAO Schwarz where you'll be able to meet and greet the creators of the Uglydolls.  From 3 to 5 pm, David and Sun-Min will be at FAO in the city to sign all things Ugly.  And just in time for the holidays!