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REVIEW: Ledbetter’s Mr. Bunny


What’s there to say about the new Joe Ledbetter figures from Wheaty Wheat Studios?  I’m sure that everyone knows that they are the hottest figures on the market right now.  And we also realize that these are very limited edition toys.

For this review, I would like to focus on Mr. Bunny.  He was first released way back in September.  Well…the limited edition (50 piece) Lava Bunny was released in September.  That sold out almost instantly, with those Lava Bunnies going to 50 lucky folks who attended the Kidrobot release event. 


Mr. Bunny and Snow Bunny have just recently hit the market.  They keep popping up little by little at lucky online shops…only to sell out moments later.  Mr. Bunny (the yellow one) is limited to 400 pieces and the Snow Bunny (the blue one) is only a run of 100 figures.   Your best bet for snagging one is to quit your job, sit in front of the computer, and bookmark all existing vinyl toy shops.

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Who’s the Galactic Jerkbag?

Ooo...Suckadelic swings once again and hits yet another home run.  Enough with the baseball is the latest bootleg masterpiece from Suckadelic - the King of Bootlegs. Meet the Galactic Jerkbag, the world's most annoying Supervillain! This version is limited to only 48 pieces so you best act fast!


BPM hits Hong Kong


We received some pics of Big Puff Maki - from Enjin Factory's Instant Sapien line - hitting the streets and bars of Hong Kong.  We're really looking forward to the release of this figure.  It's part Bruce Lee, a little James Bond, and in a little Rudy Ray Moore and mix it up in a vinyl mold.

CONTEST: Win a Dalek Ice Bot Thanks to 3DRetro

Here is your chance to win a Black 10-inch Dalek Ice Bot from and Plastic and Plush.  So how can you be entered in this contest, you ask?  Just send an email to me at  That's all it takes!  A completely random winner will be chosen from all entries.  Only one entry per person, contest only available to residents of the US.  All entries are due by 11:59 pm EST on Saturday December 17th.  Winners announced on Dec. 18th.

And if you include your Toy Award Picks in the email, you will be entered twice!!

McFarlane’s Dragons and Military



McFarlane Toys recently launched two series of figures: Dragons and Military.  Both of these original series of toys are still in their infant stages.  This is the 2nd series of McFarlane’s Dragons and there have only been 3 series of McFarlane’s Military.

McFarlane’s Military 2nd Tour of Duty is made of 6 unique figures.  Three branches of the military are represented: Army, Military and Navy.  This line is the most detailed ensemble of military inspired figures out there.


My favorite figure in this line is the Army Paratrooper figure.  Just check out the details!  The only strange thing is…doesn’t it look like Dave Coulier was the model used for this figure?  I think the sculptor was watching a little too much Full House.

McFarlane’s Dragons Series 2 is known as The Quest for the Lost King.
There are 6 figures in the series.  The two standouts in this line are
the Komodo and the Sorcerers Dragon (pictured below).  These figures
are extremely detailed…like all of the McFarlane work.


Phony-Baloney… Worthwhile Reading


Terminal Press
has joined forces with the folks at Planet 6.  They are currently putting the finishing touches on the premiere issue of the Phony-Baloney comic book.  It'll be nice to have a little back story to go along with the hilarious line of law enforcement pigs.  Look for the comic to launch early 2006.

Sideshow’s New Distribution Rights


Sideshow Toys has announced that they have the exclusive US distribution rights for Medicom's Real Action Heroes 12-inch figure lines.  They have announced that Sideshow will begin distributing the two red hot characters from Evangelion and the personalities from the Sex Pistols.


If this wasn't big enough news, Sideshow also announced that they will be distributing 12-inch figure lines and model kits from Hot Toys.  They will begin their venture with the release of John Rambo and Colonel Samuel Trautman from First Blood: Part 2.  Look for these to drop in early 2006.  We - children of the 80's - are excited about this one.


The Newest Blokhedz Vinyl


The latest character from Blokhedz (the comic from Street Legends Ink) is named Blak. He is by far the most limited Blokhedz vinyl toy to
date at 500 pieces and measures close to 10 inches tall.  The figure comes
with a removable hand, Lion's head medallion, and fitted
cap. Look for it to retail around $45.


Gotta Pick Up Hi Fructose for This


Hi Fructose Magazine has sent word of a contest that will be included in their next issue.  The mag is teaming up with Near Point Toys to give away these glow-in-the-dark Ron English Rabbbits.  What's the coolest that the colored Rabbbits glow in their respective color.  I NEEEED me an orange glowing Rabbbit.  Too cool!  So buy Hi Fructose and clip out the entry form to win.

REVIEW: Melto-Fu from Meltdown Comics


Everyone has either visited Meltdown Comics in person or via the Internet, correct?  It’s one of the most well known comic shops on the West Coast (LA to be exact).  In celebration of their 10th anniversary, Meltdown has released a figure in the likeness of their logo man – Mel.

Melto-Fu is a collaboration between Devilrobots and Meltdown Comics.  They have combined Devilrobots’ To-Fu Oyako template with Meltdown’s Mel.  Mel was designed back in 1996 by cartoonist Dan Clowes (Ghost World).  This figure is approximately 13 inches tall and made of rotocast vinyl.


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