In Plush We Trust


is a group art exhibition featuring plush creations by some of the most
talented plush artists from around the world. Curated by Shawnimal
Smith and Rotofugi, it brings 25 similar and not-so-similar plush
artists together to display the plush-based by-product of a set
material list and simple instructions. Each artist included in this
group exhibition was sent a package consisting of the same supplies
with which they can create whatever they want + one optional
artist-chosen material.

Who’s participating?
APAK, Jen Brody, Luisa Castellanos (Pocket Pals), Chompsters, Cupco,
DOMA, Fatty & Humper (Mr Pickles), FunFun, Laura Granlund, Krissy
Harris (Bigger Krissy), Boris Hoppek, Jamous, KOA, Joshua Longo
(Longo-Land), John Murphy (Stupid Creatures), Oddbabies, Peskimo, Maria
Samuelson (Blobbies), Jen Rarey, Skwak, Sok Mungke, Spasmodica,
Wonderfarms and myself (Shawnimal).

Friday, November 18, 2005
Rotofugi, 1953 W. Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL USA - 312.491.9501
Music by Tobias (

More info is available on  the IPWT mini site:

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